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Country Profiles

Since its inception, Islamic Help has been involved in bringing relief and hope to millions people across the globe. After our official launch in October 2003, our first major emergency relief response involved helping the victims of the Bam Earthquake in Iran that year.

Today, as well as emergency relief we have long term programmes across the world that encompass environmental sustainability, water and orphan care among others. While many of the solutions have common ground, each country has its individual demands, characteristics and traditions that have to be catered for.  

Country Population Our Offices Relief Secured
Bangladesh 155 million
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia 3.9 million
Central African Republic 4.5 million
Jordan 6.5 million
Myanmar Burma 52.7 million
Pakistan 179 million
Palestine 4.5 million
Philippines 96 million
Tanzania 48 million
United Kingdom 63 million
Yemen 24 million