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The biggest problem facing Jordan, a small nation with no oil and limited natural resources, is the refugee influx caused by conflicts in neighbouring lands. Nearly half of its population is composed of refugees. Among them are 2 million Palestinians who are registered as refugees and nearly 600,000 displaced from Syria. While it is classified by the World Bank as an “upper middle income country" and thee International Monetary Fund stated in 2014 that Jordan’s economy remains in good shape, it is ever increasingly dependent on foreign aid to cope with the refugee crisis. Along with the associated problems of caring for such a large displaced population, Jordan also suffers from poor availabili

The bulk of Islamic Help’s work since starting in Jordan in 2012 has been the delivery of food, water and clothing to Syrian refugees in camps and in Syria itself. Our Jordan office has also been the base for our delivery of emergency aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

During Ramadan 2013, our supporters and donors helped provide food, water, medical aid and clothes for more than 40,000 people in camps or arriving at the Syria-Jordan border. These efforts continued in 2014 and were bolstered by Muslim businesses in Panama which donated containers containing thousands of items of clothing, footwear and blankets.

These were shipped to Jordan and distributed to hundreds of refugee families. The distributions involved our Jordan office staff and a deployment of volunteers from the UK. As well as our emergency relief work, we have an orphan sponsorship programme for nearly 800 orphans in Jordan, all but a handful of them Palestinians as the Palestinian population has restricted legal and social rights. Education and healthcare projects are also being instigated for Syrian refugees.

Recorded Achievement

As part of our work helping Syrian refugees in Jordan, we distributed more than £550,000 of clothing donated to us by businesses in Panama.

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Winter help for refugees

F or refugees – Syrians and Palestinians – who have sought sanctuary in Jordan, winter brings its own additional hardships. Already struggling for food security, clothing and shelter, the snow and freezing temperatures leaves many, especially children and the vulnerable, at risk of disease and ill-health. In January 2015, Islamic Help carried out distributions of fuel and warm clothing to hundreds of refugee families to help t...

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Islamic Help Orphan Stories Jameela

More than 2 million registered Palestinian refugees live in Jordan, with nearly a fifth of them in refugee camps. They face a daily struggle for necessities and the situation is especially acute ...

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Syrian Refugees-Across The Border

Just 500 metres separates Jamila from her homeland but for her and her four children, there is no home to return to. Sitting in Jordan, she gazes across the border to Syria, wondering about the...

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Helping the ‘forgotten’ refugees of Syria

The influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan – more than 620,000 were registered by December 2014 – has led to the establishment of several large officially-run refugee camps. They inclu...

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Bringing cheer into the lives of hospital patients

Islamic Help in Jordan has been bringing cheer into the lives of hospital patients, including children with cancer, thanks to the generosity of its donors. Staff and volunteers took part in a m...

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News Feature: Fourth anniversary of the Syria conflict

Sunday 15th March 2015. The fourth anniversary of the Syria conflict. As the civil war that has torn apart Syria enters its fifth year, millions of Syrians are in a bitter struggle for survival,...

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Ramadan aid distribution to Syrian refugees

Islamic Help has provided desperately needed Ramadan food packs to scores of Syrian refugee families in Jordan. The programme also included the distribution of Eid clothing for men, women and ch...

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