Islamic Help

The United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) remains one of the world’s leading political, economic and military powers. It is also one of the most generous donors of international aid: in 2013 the UK spent £11.4 billion – about £180 per UK citizen – on aid, with Africa receiving £2.3 billion and Asia £1.7 billion.

While it is still one of the world’s leading industrialised nations and does not have the problems of developing countries, the UK does have social, economic and welfare issues affecting vulnerable groups. These include among others the elderly, the disabled, those on low incomes, the homeless or residents in poor housing, young people and children from poorer families. Many struggle to make ends meet on welfare benefits and are assisted by the efforts of domestic-based charities and voluntary organisations.

Islamic Help was born out of the dedication and inspiration of young volunteers in the UK determined to help others. Their desire to carry out humanitarian work was not just limited to helping in major disasters overseas. They instigated projects in the UK which have helped some of the most vulnerable members of society and fostered inter-faith and inter-communal relationships

Our activities have included:

  • The distribution of food parcels to elderly and vulnerable residents in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, where our headquarters are based.
  • Working with partners like the TYGA youth forum, the Balsall Heath Forum and churches, we have distributed thousands of
    food packs over the years
  • Organised a soup kitchen for the homeless and an iftar, with cooked meals, for young homeless people at a hostel in Birmingham
  • Inter-faith iftars with community organisations including the police
  • Organised activities ranging from regular educational courses and residential retreats to summer-long football tournaments and even an Umrah trip for youngsters
  • heHd sports events, activities and tournaments for young people in partnership with Attock Cricket Club and Hall Green FC
  • Carried out a range of community work including the cleaning of pensioners’ properties and restoring a communal garden for residents.

Our work has received recognition and awards from civic and community organisations and the praise of luminaries such as the Princess Royal, the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and the US Ambassador to Britain. Our dialogue with the US Embassy led to two of our young people being invited on an exchange programme to the USA.


Islamic Help was selected as the charity of choice for the Birmingham Eid Mela in 2014 – an event that attracted 20,000 people from around the country.