Yemen is one of the world’s poorest nations but holds a special place in Islam, having been mentioned in the Qur’an and being one of the earliest territories to accept Islam. It also boasts one of the world’s most stunning natural beauty spots, Suqutra Island – a third of the 800 plant species there are found nowhere else on Earth.

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Yemen’s social and economic problems range from poverty, unemployment and corruption to inter-tribal and internal military conflict. More than half of its population needs humanitarian assistance, malnutrition rates are the second highest on the planet and the problems are compounded by a lack of access to clean water, sanitation and healthcare. Humanitarian issues caused by civil conflict were compounded in August 2013 when major floods led to more than 30 deaths, 1,700 homes damaged and nearly 24,000 people affected.

We have established a variety of projects that have received public recognition and led to partnerships with international agencies including the UN. We’ve carried out WASH programmes which include education projects for community groups and schoolchildren about the need for clean water, and taken part in Feed the World initiatives to distribute food packs to hundreds of families. 

Following the 2013 floods in the Shabwa governate our teams provided more than 1,000 people with essential food and water packs, and 200 Dignity kits (supplied by the United Nations) containing hygiene and sanitary products for women following. 


In just one emergency relief operation, we helped more than 7,000 internally displaced people in Al Jawf with essential aid and equipment so they could re-establish their lives as they returned to their homes following civil strife

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