Raising Awareness on World Refugee Day

20 th June, 2017

We regularly hear about refugees, discovering their stories on the news or reading about them in the newspaper or online. But while you may know about refugees, how much do you know about the people behind the label?

Charitable actions can help to raise awareness and encourage people to donate to Syriaand other countries where people are struggling with the impact of conflict. This s generosity can really help to improve people’s lives for the better

A Daily Struggle

When you think of refugees, most people think of large groups of people on the move, trying to leave their home country, but in actual fact, refugees are people just like you and me. Refugees are normal people, people with families and friends, people who have homes and jobs and lead lives of their own. The only difference is that these people’s lives have been torn apart through no fault of their own.

War, conflict and unrest are sadly rife across certain parts of the world, leaving the ordinary people of the region with no choice but to leave for their own safety. Refugees are people who have literally lost everything. They have had to leave behind their homes and belongings – their whole lives. In some cases families are split up, children are orphaned and often people are left struggling to obtain even the most basic supplies needed to survive.

Donate to Syria on World Refugee Day

Although the communities they leave behind are no longer safe thanks to the effects of conflict, this is by no means to say that a life lived on the move offers safety and security. Living on the move or in a makeshift refugee camp gives its own set of challenges, yet the circumstances mean that the majority of these people simply have no choice but to move.

It is essential to raise awareness about the struggles faced by refugee families on a daily basis. World Refugee Day, on June 20, was set up with the aim of doing exactly that.

It is the duty of those of us who are in a position to be able to help to do all that we can to aid these people in their hour of need. Whether it is providing food packages and clean clothing or helping to set up essential medical centres in refugee camps, your generous support can help us to donate to Syria and make a real positive impact on these people’s lives.

To do your bit and provide much-needed assistance to refugees in Syria and across the world, please donate via the emergency appeal page.



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