Give a Little Hope

30 th March, 2017

Without a doubt, hope is an essential ingredient of life. Hope allows us to look to the future and dream of better things, to see the positives in any given situation. No matter how bad things may seem, hope is always there to guide us through the tough times.

Hope is also an incredibly powerful emotion for people in need around the world. Every day, thousands of disadvantaged children are living lives many would deem to be almost impossible to deal with – but it is perseverance and optimism that gets them through the day. Sponsoring a child can provide someone less fortunate than ourselves with the necessary means to survive and hope for a better tomorrow.

Day of Hope

April 5th, 2017 marks the Day of Hope – a day set up to raise awareness of vulnerable children across the world. Day of Hope is primarily dedicated to providing necessary help and assistance to children suffering from neglect and abuse. However, it also raises awareness of children who are suffering – no matter what the cause; it is our aim to help as many children in need as possible.

Many children in countries across the world are suffering on a daily basis. This could be due to a number of factors, from living in poverty to being orphaned to a lack of the most basic supplies like food, clean water, and shelter. Sponsoring a child helps to alleviate issues like these, reducing the burden these children have to face every day.

Sponsoring a Child with Islamic Help

We firmly believe that childhood should be a time for fun and excitement, where children can discover new things and learn about the world around them in a safe and loving environment. Although many children are lucky enough to experience relaxing and carefree childhoods, so many others are denied this luxury due to their situations.

This is something that needs to change.

Our children are the future, but without our help, future generations will struggle to achieve the success that they deserve. For many vulnerable children, something as simple as sending out vital care packages or providing children with the right to an education can go a long way towards improving their quality of life. Sponsoring a childthrough one of Islamic Help’s child sponsorship programmes can really make a difference to the lives of these children in need.

Every child should have a bright future. Sponsor a child today and give a little hope to vulnerable children around the world. 



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