The crisis and civil war that has devastated Syria for the last eight years is by far the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of this century. It is estimated by the United Nations that over 250,000 people have died as a result of this conflict to date – with figures still rapidly increasing on a daily basis.

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What’s happening?

15th March 2019 marked the eighth anniversary for the Syrian victims, including the millions of civilians who have fled Syria to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The number of registered refugees by late 2019 stood at nearly 5.7 million (figs: UNHCR).

More than 650,000 of these refugees have fled to Jordan; 920,000 to Lebanon; 3.6 million to Turkey; 230,000 to Iraq and about 130,000 to Egypt (source: UNHCR Oct 2019). The number of Syrian victims still suffering at home continues to increase with over half of the country’s 23 million population in need of humanitarian support.

With there being no apparent sign of the crisis diminishing, there is a continuing and urgent need for essential supplies such as food and nourishment, shelter, medical aid and sanitary provisions for thousands of Syrian refugee families.


• A blanket & mattress, or a family hygiene kit, or baby milk for one month: £20
• A food pack for a family for one month: £40
• General Medical Aid: £50
• Clean water for 1 family for 1 month: £100
• A reinforced family tent with carpets, 5 blankets and 5 mattresses: £400
• A family survival pack including a tent, heaters, food, baby milk and hygiene pack: £600

With the crisis showing no signs of abating and the numbers left homeless and seeking help continuing to increase, there is an urgent need for food supplies, non-food provisions, medicines and healthcare.

Your help is urgently needed to assist those who have fallen victim to the devastation in Syria