Putting the ‘Fun’ into Fundraising

13 th April, 2017

Fundraising is one of the primary ways in which charities around the world raise money for their ongoing projects and campaigns. There are countless ways of fundraising, and individual charities prefer different methods, but the fundamental principles are always the same.

Fundraising should be an engaging, interesting, and above all fun way to get people interacting with the causes they care about.

When it comes to emergency appeals and alleviating the impact of crises, fundraising is especially important. Our Syrian refugee appeal is one such example of an ongoing campaign where fundraising is vital. The donations and fundraising efforts of our supporters go a long way towards enabling us to help the vulnerable people and refugees from Syria who are in urgent need of our assistance.

Fundraising is Vital for Projects like our Refugee Appeal

Although fundraising is an essential part of the work that we do, this doesn’t mean that we should become complacent. Unimaginative or uninspiring fundraising ideas go completely against the grain of what charity work should be about. At its core, charity is about giving; it is the selfless act of helping others. Therefore, if a charity’s fundraising efforts are falling flat, it can really impact the morale and atmosphere generated for their current projects and campaigns.

Here at Islamic Help, we are all about putting the ‘fun’ back into fundraising. There are many ways that you can donate to charity by organising or participating in fundraising events, but how else can you add that essential element of excitement and entertainment into your next fundraiser?

Get Creative

The answer is simple – get creative.

If you are thinking of organising a fundraising event, kickstart the fundraising process by getting together with friends and other like-minded people to come up with ideas for your event. When you are working together, it is much easier to both generate new ideas and bounce ideas off one another, allowing you to come up with increasingly fun and creative ideas for the fundraiser.

Plus, the whole spirit of charity is about getting involved with others and doing some good both in your local community and further afield, so the more people that get involved the better!

If you need help, here are some of the most popular ways of fundraising for charity:

  • Having a fancy dress day at work.
  • Running a bake sale or craft fair.
  • Hosting a sponsored walk, run, swim, read-a-thon etc.
  • Organising an event, concert, mini-festival, art installation or comedy night.
  • Tapping into interactive events like scavenger hunts.

Always Keep Charity in Mind

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind when planning a fundraiser should be the original cause behind the event. Where possible, it’s always a good idea to theme fundraisers accordingly, as this helps to get more people interested in the charity.

With ongoing projects and campaigns like our Syria refugee appeal, fundraising has never been more important. Join together, get creative and focus on putting the fun back into fundraising to make a difference both in your community and around the world. 



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