Life in Syria

31 st January, 2017

While many of us are living a cosy life that has everything we could ever expect to need – and then some – many Syrian refugees don’t even have access to the most basic of essentials to survive. Life in Syrian refugee camps is very difficult for each and every single person in there, because of the immense tribulations that they have to face every single day. As you can imagine, these problems massively intensify over the winter period.

Medical Aid

Many of these refugees have fled from extreme circumstances. One vital necessity they need is sufficient medical aid. Many adults and especially children are exposed to the threat of the polio virus and need the vaccination in order to survive.

This, along with other basic medical needs is something that the camps lack. The scarcity of medical facilities also presents a massive problem for expectant mothers and their babies; with no professional or trained medical help available, they are forced to face extremities and endless complications during birth. For more information on how to make a difference, see here for Islamic Help’s Birth Campaign.

Education and Learning

While many of us put huge emphasis on educating our children and giving them the best that we can, parents in Syrian refugee camps do not have the luxury of this resource. Gaining knowledge and skills is of utmost importance to these children’s futures. Otherwise, they will end up with no prospects to be able to carry out a sustainable living for themselves and their families.

Lack of Shelter

Many of these refugees are currently in makeshift tents without sufficient shelter above their heads. This presents fatal issues across the camps during the chilly season as many do not have even sufficient nutrition to keep warm, let alone adequate clothing.


One of the many issues that form part of a refugee’s life is a lack of employment.  No industries are surrounding the Syrian camps, and no opportunities are readily available to enable them to make a living for themselves. Hence, they are forced to rely on the aid of strangers.

Surely those who believed and fled their homes and struggled hard in Allah’s way with their property and their souls, and those who gave shelter and helped, are guardians of each other; and as for those who believed and did not fly, not yours is their guardianship until they fly; and if they seek aid from you in the matter of religion, aid is incumbent on you except against people between whom and you there is a treaty, and Allah sees what you do”

–         The Holy Qur’an (8:72)

 So, help Syria and donate to Islamic Help today, and together, we can contribute to making a huge difference to the tribulations they face on a daily basis.



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