Productive Things to Do During Ramadan – Part 3

30 th May, 2017

During the upcoming month of Ramadan 2017, it is said that the doors of hell are closed and the gates of Heaven are opened, with rewards multiplied by thousands. The rewards that can be earned in this month alone are the equivalent to what one can earn in a lifetime – which is why so many of us feel blessed to be given the opportunity to observe yet another Ramadan.

There are many things we can do to ensure we practice as much as we can in this Holy month, some of which are mentioned below. Join us on this final part of our blog series to celebrate the many wonderful and productive ideas you can put into practice this year.

Recite the Holy Qur’an

The Holy Qur’an was sent as guidance for mankind during the month of Ramadan and the rewards for doing so during Ramadan are countless. It is commonly known that the entire Qur’an is completed in this month communally at local Mosques, and many individuals aspire to complete it themselves too.

Reciting one chapter a day ensures you will have completed the full Qur’an in the month. This is a great way to help you get into the routine of reciting the Holy Qur’an on a daily occurrence, which reintroduces the practice into our life beyond the month of Ramadan, too. 

Wake Up For Suhoor and Iftar

In this day and age, many of us go about our daily lives with a set routine and schedule. Ramadan is a great way to reconnect and spend time with loved ones; waking up together for suhoor (morning meal), sitting down to iftar (evening meal) and even reciting salaah together; Ramadan encourages unity within families and reacquaints people in the most remarkable way.

Feed the Fasting / Homeless

It is said that whoever contributes towards the breaking of someone’s fast is rewarded with the same reward of the fasting person himself. Allah SWT has put many of us in far more fortunate situations in life, not only for us but to help others, too. You can help Be One with the hungry by helping us to feed to the fasting this year.

Donate Your Zakat

Zakat is a form of obligatory charity and forms one of the all-important Five Pillars of Islam. In addition to our annual obligatory zakat, during Ramadan there is also Zakat-ul-Fitr to pay – please click here for more information.

Plan Ahead

Much like we plan our everyday lives by the hour on schedule, it is just as important to plan the month of Ramadan carefully to ensure you have enough time to practise religion and also educate your children in the teachings of Islam and the values of Ramadan.

What’s more, it is also imperative that we teach our youngsters that Ramadan is a way of life, not just the way we should be for a single month of the year; it is an example of the simplicity we should adopt in our daily lives in general.

If you would like more information about how you could help others during Ramadan 2017, then visit the Islamic Help website or contact us on 012 1446 5682.



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