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More than a tenth of the world’s population is hungry. That’s approximately 805 million people who go under-nourished on a daily basis. During Ramadan, our supporters provide food packs to thousands of families across the world to ensure they have enough to eat at suhoor and iftar. Our BeOne  With The Hungry Ramadan 2017 campaign will provide food packs - each designed to feed at least 5-7 people - to thousands of families.    

Particular emphasis is being paid to those who have lost their families and been forced to flee their homes because of conflict, such as the refugees of Syria and Iraq, and the persecuted Rohingya Muslim population of Myanmar (Burma). We will also be delivering to some of the poorest and most impoverished communities in the world, with beneficiaries in countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia and Somalia.

Internal strife in Iraq has left 3.4 million people internally displaced,according to the United Nations, and 10 million in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, double last year’s figure. An estimated 2.4 million people are food insecure and many are at risk of malnutrition. According to the Iraqi government, about 4.5 million children have lost one or both parents (almost 1 in 3) and a quarter of children are chronically malnourished.
In early 2017, Islamic Help provided food packs to 2,100 beneficiaries at the Khazar refugee camp (Mosul). This Ramadan, we will again be helping people in need in Iraq. Please support us by donating for food packs to last these impoverished and struggling families for the blessed month.

The conflict in Syria has led to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. Since the start of the civil war in 2011, more than 250,000 Syrians have been killed and 4.8 million are refugees. The bulk of them are in Turkey (2 million), Jordan (630,000) and Lebanon (1 million).

Men and women who were once used to providing for their families with comfort are now forced to live in makeshift shelters and confront a daily struggle for the essentials of life, including food and water.

This Ramadan, we will be providing food packs to families still inside Syria and those who have fled to neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon.

Throughout the year we have provided aid to more than 10,000 people inside Syria with the support of our partners White Hands in areas such as Aleppo.

The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar (Burma) are regarded by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

Estimated to be about 1.5 million in number, they have been denied citizenship, confined to camps and barred from accessing crucial services like medical aid and free movement. Many have undertaken hazardous sea journeys to flee as refugees to other countries.

In Ramadan 2016, with the generous support of our donors, our teams provided food aid to 5,000 people in Rakhine State in Myanmar and to Rohingya refugee camps in Asia. This Ramadan, please continue to show your support for the embattled Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. One food pack, for £50, will benefit 5-7 people, for the entire month.


The needs of impoverished or struggling communities are especially highlighted during Ramadan, with our supporters helping provide essential food to those in need.

The packs are designed to last families for the entire month. They consist of essential items in line with international nutritional standards. As well as food packs, collective iftars are held, bringing together communities to share in the blessings of this special month and Eid gifts are distributed to children.

In Ramadan 2017, we will be helping beneficiaries in Bangladesh; Bosnia; the refugees of the Central African Republic and Cameroon; Pakistan and Tanzania and those who are internally displaced in Syria and Iraq.


* If you wish for your Ramadan Food Packs to be distributed in a specific country, please mention it in the notes section during the donation process. If you leave this empty, we will distribute the Ramadan Food Packs in the most needed area.