Your Zakat Calculator

What do i need?

To use our Zakat calculator to work out how much Zakat you are liable for, please make sure that you have information about your assets – this includes cash, whether in hand (although you can deduct living expenses) or in bank accounts; money you have lent to someone; business investments; stocks and shares: pensions; value of crops; money from property investment and gold and silver. We use the value of silver to work out the nisaab threshold. The value of your personal items (your home, furniture, cars, food, clothing) are not included in the Nisaab. Zakat is liable after one Islamic (lunar) year and can be paid as a full or regular monthly payments. If you are uncertain about what elements to include or exclude, please take expert advice from your local imam, a learned scholar or shaykh.



The simplest and easiest way to fulfil your obligation of Zakat is to use our Zakat Calculator.

Our Zakat Calculator is designed to help you work out how much Zakat you have to pay, in a very simple way. Even if you need to calculate your Zakat contribution based on your salary, we’ve made it very easy to work it out. You can read about the importance of Zakat

Our Zakat Calculator will show the up to date Nisaab figure and automatically calculate how much Zakat is due based on the information you provide.

Is Zakat Obligatory?

Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim who is of sound mind and able means, possessing wealth above the Nissab – this is the threshold or minimum amount of wealth a Muslim must possess before Zakat becomes payable. Whilst the value of eligible goods and items can vary throughout the year, Zakat is based on the Nisaab at the end of the individual’s full Islamic (lunar) year.

How is Nisaab Measured?

There are two measures to determine Nisaab – gold (3 ounces or 87.48 grams, or its cash equivalent) or silver (21 ounces or 612.36 grams, or its cash equivalent).

Many scholars recommend using silver as it means more people qualify for paying Zakat, which will help support even more people in need.

Based on today’s (March 2020) value of gold (87.48 grams), the nisaab is £3,523.70.

Based on today’s value of silver (612.36 grams), the nisaab is £259.03

Assets to include in your Zakat calculation are cash (in hand, in bank accounts or money lent to someone), shares, pensions, value of crops, money from property investment and gold and silver. Personal items, such as your home, furniture, cars, food or clothing are not included in Nisaab.

Zakat can be paid in full at one time, or as regular monthly payments.

Use our Zakat calculator to find out how much Zakat you have to pay. The nisaab value is based on the value of silver