A Healthy Ramadan

A Healthy Ramadan

9 th June, 2016

Ramadan 2016 falls in the first week of June this year – during the summer. Islamic Help shares some tips on how to stay healthy in the heat this Ramadan.



  • Stay out of the sun; try to stay in cooler areas during the day


  • Don’t over exert; don’t do too much in the form of physical activity or exercise during the fast. It is better to exercise after your fast has opened in the evening, so you can drink plenty of water and sustain your energy.


  • During fasting, many of us develop a taste for dishes we wouldn’t usually crave. Be sensible and don’t overeat as this defeats one of the primary purposes of this month – and also weighs you down considerably.


  • Consider any health implications before fasting; if you have health issues which prevent you from fasting then you are exempt but liable to pay a sum in the form of fidyah.


  • Avoid drinking fizzy drinks when opening the fast, no matter how bad the cravings; it will only bloat you, sip on water for the rest of the evening to fully hydrate.


  • Ensure you still get all the balanced nutrients you need daily; protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, etc. The best way to ensure this is to eat a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and nutrient-rich foods in your suhoor and iftar (morning and evening) meals.


  • If you have a sweet tooth and tend to want dessert after a meal, try to wait 20 minutes and swap sweet foods for yoghurt to aid digestion along with some dates for energy


  • A benefit of celebrating Ramadan in the warmer months is that there are so many delicious seasonal fruits to choose from, make the most of it!


  • Don’t forget to exercise during Ramadan or else the body will become lazy and weak


  • Try and avoid rich, spicy or fried food in this month; you will only feel uncomfortable  afterwards and lethargic the next day


  • Don’t eat too fast – bide your time instead, starting with dates and milk, followed by a light meal a little later. There is no need to eat a huge meal all at once.


  • Look into taking daily vitamins during meal times to ensure you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs
  • Try and plan your days and meals during this month; resting is also just as important as well as praying, giving and helping others.


  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth!


The Holy month of Ramadan is also a month in which observers recite the Holy Qur’an daily, again, something we should be seeking to do already.  After all, it is the month in which the Holy Qur’an was first revealed as guidance for all mankind.


Ramadan encourages us to humble ourselves, simplify our lives, help others and give to charity, and increase our faith to become closer to Allah SWT. Let’s make Ramadan last all year and not just one month, help someone in need today with Islamic Help.



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