Relief aid work is a year-long process. However, during the year, seasonal projects often present themselves. These are a great way to conduct charity work under more pleasurable circumstances. Seasonal projects at Islamic Help are based on historically significant events. During this time, the level of passion amongst participants is at an all-time high resulting in increased donor contribution and much larger relief aid support for various Islamic Help campaigns.


The month of Ramadan brings countless blessings and rewards with it. It is the busiest month for Islamic Help in terms of relief aid efforts. For Muslims around the world, it is the most important time in terms of spiritual healing, meditation and devotion. Passion levels are heightened, and people donate generously and contribute towards campaigns that provide food, aid and shelter to those in need.


Qurbani follows a couple of months after Ramadan as millions of Muslims perform the Sunnah of Ibrahim (as) and the Qurbani festivities. Qurbani meat is divided into three equal sections; one for the family, one for the neighbours and one for the poor. Islam preaches about the rights of neighbours and the poor. Islamic Help distributes Qurbani meat both locally and internationally, wherever there is an urgent need for it. This past Eid-ul-Adha, we distributed Qurbani meat among refugees and low-income families so they could have a steady supply of meat for the coming months.

Apart from Ramadan food packs and meat for Qurbani, people also benefit from other Islamic Help campaigns such as the livelihood programme and orphan sponsorship.

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