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Water is the quintessential element of life, the most precious of all commodities. Ironically, there is more water on our planet than there is land, yet to this day hundreds of millions of people suffer from lack of clean water. According to recent studies, nearly 1.2 billion people live in areas where water is scarce to the point of being virtually non-existent. That’s one fifth of the entire world’s population. Nearly 2.6 billion people lack water for basic sanitation. These are alarming statistics and what’s even more worrying is that these figures are likely to get worse over the next ten years, unless something is done.

Islamic Help Building Wells, Pumps & Plants

Africa and Asia are two of the most populous continents in the world that have the most water starved populations. This is why the main focus of our water relief efforts has been concentrated in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Islamic Help has been building water pumps and solar powered water wells as well as purification and filtration water plants in the region. These are some of the most common and simplest ways to provide water access to large scale communities such as villages and farm lands. We do this through generous donations from our donors and supporters around the world. Everyone who donates gets a plaque erected at the site honouring a loved one. They also receive a report on the project and photos as part of the feedback process designed by Islamic Help.

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Play your part in ensuring no one goes thirsty from this day. Islamic Help would like to urge everyone to donate generously so that these projects may come to completion and the people living in the community can have access to clean, healthy drinking water.


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