Nurturing growth

Set in over 30 acres in a lush, green environment just outside the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam, our Children’s Eco Village (CEV) is part of a holistic approach to caring for orphans and vulnerable children. With your support, we aim to provide them with a nurturing and natural environment that encourages their physical, mental, social and spiritual growth; creates jobs and livelihoods for local communities, and establishes a legacy of sustainability.

Innovation to sustainability

The CEV is a model of how, with your support and donations, a community can flourish through innovation and sustainable development. Orphans and their professional carers live in the specially-designed Eco Homes; the Eco Mosque for up to 160 worshippers maximises the use of natural and green resources; the permaculture farm uses eco-principles to produce income-generating crops and fruits that contribute to the village’s food security and self-sufficiency.

Preparation for life

Our primary emphasis is ensuring that the young people in the CEV are supported and prepared for the social and economic realities of their world, and are empowered to develop their own personal perspectives in life. Your backing helps us to provide them with a secure base for their physical, psychological and emotional growth, through education and a holistic community-based approach that supports them into becoming socially integrated adults in society.