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One of the most common uses of SADAQAH JARIAH is for the construction of water wells. In many poorer countries, like Pakistan or Bangladesh, it not only gives communities improved access to clean water but brings associated health and social benefits. Risk of disease is reduced, health is improved and time spent fetching water from sources miles from home – a task usually entrusted to women and girls – is instead available for them to be educated or to work.

The village of Kalibari, in Sylhet, Bangladesh, has felt the benefits of one Islamic Help donor’s sadaqah jariah which led to the construction of a tube well in their locality. One of the villagers, Awlad Hossain, said: “We had to fetch pure water from a long distance and sometimes it became so troublesome that people would drink dirty water from other sources just because they were nearer.

“Now, we’ve got a tube well nearby so it’s easier to collect pure and fresh water for drinking and daily usage. We are very grateful to the donor and Islamic Help. May Allah bless the donor and Islamic Help. We pray that they will be always beside humanity. May Allah give them reward in this world and hereafter for their noble jobs. Ameen.” 

Sadaqah Jariyah

Sadaqah is considered to be a voluntary donation and can be delivered in various different ways. No specific categories of people have been mentioned in the Qur’an as…Read More 

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