Why Our Rohingya Emergency Appeal Needs Your Help

14 th November, 2017

Imagine, brothers and sisters, being forced out of your home and everyday lives, forced to desert everything you hold dear and being denied access to anything and everything you need to survive. Imagine losing your family and loved ones, being subject to unparalleled extreme persecution and being forced out of the country you call home.

Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of Rohingya people who don’t need to imagine, for they are living through it right now – which is why our Rohingya emergency appeal has been set up.

A State of Emergency

Far too many of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar (previously known as Burma) have been needlessly killed, and tens of thousands more have been forced to run for their lives, seeking refuge in nearby countries in a desperate bid to seek solace and safety for themselves and their families that remain.

The Rohingya previously made up approximately a third of the population of Rakhine state in Myanmar – before the government declared them illegal immigrants and forced them to leave – leaving a vast majority of people not just without a home, but without a state, too. The majority of these people already lived in poverty, with very little to their name but their birthright home.

More than half of the Myanmar population have been displaced and are now, unfortunately, forced to live in camps – with seemingly no way back to the lives they once knew. The Rohingya people have seen and lived through horrific violence and are now living in inhuman conditions in refugee camps – their stories as harrowing as they come.

As the ongoing political crisis continues, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries seeking refuge, including Bangladesh, India, and Thailand amongst others.

How You Can Help Our Rohingya Emergency Appeal

Islamic Help has been on the ground delivering aid to the most vulnerable, providing Family Food and Survival Packs to help Rohingya families live safely for 2 weeks or more, and shelter packs to assist up to 6 people with a tent and mattresses for somewhere safe for families to reside.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Just £30 donated to our Rohingya Emergency Appeal can provide a family with food for 2 weeks
  • Just £100 donated will not only feed a family for 2 weeks but will also provide them with hygiene and the necessary essentials for survival
  • Just £150 donated can provide a family of up to 6 people with a tent, bedding and other living essentials

However much you can spare, if you choose to donate to Rohingya refugees, you will be helping us to provide essential support to some of the most vulnerable people in the world today.

Please support us in raising awareness and help us to make a difference today. 



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