Rohingya Emergency Appeal

Islamic Help has launched a Rohingya Emergency Appeal

Rohingya Emergency Appeal

Islamic Help has launched a Rohingya Emergency Appeal

What’s happening?

The Rohingya are one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world, yet they continue to face the devastating effects of violence day after day. These vulnerable people have been forced to flee their homes, leaving behind their communities and the lives they once led, as they now must face a life on the road, struggling to find a safe place to stay. 

Our emergency appeal was set up to allow essential aid to reach the Rohingya; donations really can make all the difference to these refugees who have lost everything. At Islamic Help, our aim is to show you how to help the Rohingya – charity donations and aid must be a joint effort if we want to reach as many of those who are at risk as possible.

Please donate any amount that you can afford.

  • £150 – Food Pack For 5 Families
  • £360 – Sponsor A Rohingya Orphan
  • £450 – Build A Home For A Rohingya Family
  • £1,000 – Medical Support
  • £4,500 – Build A Home For 10 Rohingya Families

 Sponsor A Rohingya Orphan for £360

Build A Home For A Rohingya Family For £450
Share In A Water Station For £1,000


Rohingya Refugees

The Rohingya are a minority Muslim group, formerly living in Myanmar. However, many have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh in order to escape persecution and violence. The UN has described the Rohingya as one of the world’s most persecuted minority groups, due to the extreme violence these people have faced at the hands of the authorities in Myanmar. 

Life has not been easy for the Rohingya for many years – for decades, they have struggled to gain citizenship and rights in Myanmar once the nation gained independence from British colonial rule in 1948. However, they were only to be denied time and again, leading to increased tensions and conflict.   

In recent years, violence has taken hold, resulting in many of the Rohingya being driven from their homes. In the worst cases, entire communities have been completely destroyed. Now, these people have nowhere to go; they have no homes or belongings and many have lost friends, family members and loved ones.

How to Help the Rohingya

Due to restrictions on providing aid and relief inside Myanmar, it can be incredibly difficult to get assistance to the people who need it the most. At Islamic Help, we are actively working to support as many vulnerable Rohingya refugees as possible, helping to make a real difference to their lives. 

However, it isn’t just the Rohingya in Myanmar who need our help. Many of the Rohingya have fled to seek refuge in neighbouring countries in an attempt to escape the violence and build a new life for themselves and their families. Life without a permanent place to call home is hard, and these people are at risk every single day. 

As a charity working directly to help the Rohingya, our aid comes in many different forms, including food, clean water, shelter and accommodation, medicine, health supplies, and hygiene and sanitation. This allows us to help those most in need as much as possible, identifying what these vulnerable people need to survive and doing everything we can to provide it. 

Even a small Rohingya donation can go a long way towards supporting these vulnerable people in their time of need; when you donate with Islamic Help, you really do make a difference.

How a Rohingya Donation Can Help

Islamic Help has already distributed more than £1,000,000 of emergency aid to help and support the Rohingya. However, with your continued support, we can keep reaching out to as many vulnerable Rohingya refugees as possible. These families, children and orphans are in desperate need of our assistance; please support our vital work and enable us to send aid to the Rohingya today. 

Just £150 can provide an essential food package for five families. 

£360 will allow you to sponsor a Rohingya orphan, changing their life for the better. 

Only £450 can build a home for an entire Rohingya family, providing somewhere safe to stay. 

£1,000 can send life-saving medical support to the Rohingya. 

£4,500 will build homes for ten Rohingya families, helping to rebuild the community. 

If you can, please consider making a donation towards Islamic Help’s Rohingya appeal – help us change their lives today.

How you can help

 YOU can make a difference!
<brDONATE: With your help we’ll be able to ensure that emergency aid is provided to families in desperate need.
TELL YOUR FRIENDS: Be generous – share this campaign on your social networks or go to our Facebook page and join the conversation.
FUNDRAISE: Start a campaign. Become an activist – set up your own fundraising page on our brand new platform iHelp Give or at for Islamic Help.


Please Donate.

  • £10
  • £30
  • £50
  • Any amount you can afford to give.
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