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Why Give to Charity in 2015

27th February, 2015

Your hard earned money: it’s something you probably hold very dear, whether that’s for practical reasons, or simply because you sacrificed your blood, sweat and tears for it. But why do you need to squirrel it away so much?

Are your pennies being put to good use? Or are they being thrown away on frivolities like gourmet coffee and holidays abroad?

When you make your way to work at 6am, craving coffee like you’ve never craved before, your thoughts are probably far from charity and logic.

But if you stop for a moment and consider how much of an impact those few pounds would have on the lives of those facing difficulties around the world, you’d probably skip the (fair trade) triple shot espresso.

Islamic Help is committed to changing lives and making a difference to communities and regions across the globe. But we can’t do that without the help and support of those who sacrifice their fancy coffees and little luxuries for the greater good.

If you can’t volunteer your time and haven’t yet decided to donate to causes like sponsoring a child or eco fundraising with Islamic Help, keep reading. Read more here about our many, life changing campaigns.

Below are just a few of history’s most powerful quotes, made by individuals who knew how to change lives and make a difference in whatever way they could.

That makes them the perfect inspiration for those who need a little reassurance that giving to charity really is a worthwhile cause.

One person can make a difference, and every person should try ~ Thomas E. Cronin (Political Scientist)

Fortunate individuals have a moral obligation to help others. It doesn’t matter how big a gesture you make; as long as you do something to make a difference, you will make a difference. Being part of a bigger group, like Islamic Help, is all well and good, but you need to take action on an individual level. After all, all of those individuals can add up!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi couldn’t have made it any clearer than this. If you want to see change in the world, through support and positive actions, you need to be the change. Changing lives, and in turn changing the world, is a do-it-yourself project. You can make big differences with little actions, or you can join a larger mission with a wider reach. Either way, the only way to change the world is to get stuck in and change it yourself.

Details create the big picture ~ Sanford I. Weill (US Banker, Financier and Philanthropist)

Small details (read: small actions by individuals) are what make up the big picture. You don’t have to rock the world solo to be part of that bigger picture though. Every little helps, and every time you buy a coffee for the homeless or donate to a charitable cause, you make the world of difference on an individual scale. If you really want to make a difference on a bigger scale though, you can join forces with Islamic Help – our big picture is already in motion!

So now you’ve been given a deeper insight into why you should give to charity, what are you waiting for? Browse our site to learn more about our projects and programmes across the world, and get in touch with Islamic Help to find out more about how you can help!