Why Donate to Syria?

17 th November, 2016

On one hand, Syria is a country of high plains, mountains and deserts. On the other, it is a country crippled with fear. This is a country where adults and children alike don’t know what has become of their homes or when they will next see their loved ones. Often, they don’t know where they will find the necessities we take for granted, such as food, shelter, clean water, medication and sanitation.

Winter Blues

As winter draws ever nearer, the cold weather has us reaching for the nearest blanket, putting the fire on or making a hot drink to shake off the chills. How would you fare without these luxuries?

Spare a thought for the civilians of Syria this winter; many of them without a home for themselves and their families – our basic necessities would feel luxurious to them right now.

With temperatures falling below zero and the chance of snow quite high, winter in Syria can be extremely harsh. Without adequate clothing or shelter, this leaves many thousands of men, women and children vulnerable to the hazardous weather conditions over the coming months.

What does the future hold?

Their days and nights are filled with fear and anguish; the children are hungry, thirsty and scared; their senseless reality is facing even darker days ahead.

The civil war and unrest have meant that many Syrian refugees have had to leave their cherished homes, their lives and memories behind in order to flee and seek safety elsewhere. Many headed into the countryside, forging their way from the land while others choose to seek refuge in neighbouring countries and throughout the world. How would you feel knowing this was the life your child was facing

These children face an uncertain future; homelessness and hunger are paramount issues with no real resolution. Educations and jobs have been left behind, schools and homes destroyed, and the normalcy of everyday life has been replaced with fear and desperation.

Imagine that life of unrest, with no security or safety day in, day out; the future seems bleak.

Providing emergency relief and humanitarian aid

Islamic Help was established in 2003 by a group of young people determined to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and suffering. Today, we have a number of campaigns set up to help those in need all over the world.

The conflict in Syria has meant it has become one of the largest refugee movements in recent history. Islamic Help has continued to provide emergency relief and deliver humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of refugees as a result of this war.

Millions of people are in desperate need of your help and it is through your donations and the amazing work that we do together that this can be achieved.

Make a Difference – Donate to Syria

Your donations can bring not just hope to these people in need, but also help aid agencies like us to provide them with food, shelter, education and clean water on a much wider scale. Please click here to donate to Syria today. 



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