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New Hope is Born

25 th October, 2015

With the ongoing crisis still at large, there are many Syrian families now facing increasing difficulty as they seek refuge in nearby countries, desperately trying to flee the chaos and conflict in a country that was once their home.

Amongst these millions of refugees, there are also many soon-to-be mothers carrying unborn children. Whilst this would ordinarily have been a time of happiness and joy for their families, it has now become a major fear and concern.

Many of these expectant mothers currently face a lack of basic essentials; hygiene, food, shelter, water, and basic healthcare are all things that we take for granted but these mothers are having to go without.

This consistent lack of medical aid compromises not just the life of the mother, but of the child, too. The absence of medical aid is down to a financial deficiency, but unfortunately, even if they were able to get to a hospital to give birth, the financial cost of a hospital delivery would present an unwelcome burden of debt that they simply cannot afford.

As a consequence, this leads to many Syrian mothers giving birth in unsafe and unhygienic conditions, without the acquired knowledge and support needed to help deliver a child safely.

This is why we here at Islamic Help have launched our ‘Birth Campaign’.

In a bid to help provide the relevant financial and medical support needed by Syrian mothers and babies, the project aims to cover a range of medical and hospital costs. This includes but is not limited to delivery costs, aftercare costs for mother and child, sanitary costs, baby necessities, and any other essentials required by both mother and child to ensure a safe and healthy birth.

Islamic Help aims to provide the necessary support needed by these expectant mothers to enable them to give birth in a safe and stress-free environment.

With your support, our first Birth Clinic was opened in May 2016 and has already served to help many births. The clinic boasts medical staff which are fully qualified and trained in midwifery. With your continued help, we can help develop new facilities and birth clinics to cater to the ongoing needs of mothers and their children.

If you would like to support Islamic Help in its aim to continue the maintenance of the Birth Campaign, then your donation can make a huge difference. For example, just £25 can supply a baby with sufficient milk for a whole month.

Donate today and support the Birth Campaign, with Islamic Help.