What You Need to Know About the Syria Crisis

10 th January, 2019

The Civilians of Syria

The civilians who are caught up in the crossfire simply want to ensure the safety of their families and the wellbeing of their children. Unfortunately, as the fighting spreads, families have been forced to flee their homes in fear, faced with the unthinkable possibility of losing their loved ones as well as their homes and belongings. As of April 2018, an estimated 6.1 million civilians have had to flee their homes, while a further 5.6 million people have crossed the border into surrounding countries, seeking safety.

An Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis

Syria relief groups and charities like Islamic Help are working around the clock to bring aid and supplies to refugees in surrounding countries. However, some areas have been made extremely dangerous and unreachable and as the cold winter moves in, these people need our help more than ever. With your generosity, our Syria donations will go towards supporting refugee families by:

  • Treating illness and injury and providing ongoing medicine and immunisations for the wellbeing of families and children
  • Providing necessary hygiene products and access to clean water to prevent the spread of diseases like cholera
  • Supplying essentials including tents, blankets and mattresses so displaced families have an area to live and call their own, even temporarily
  • Offering healthy and nutritious food that will sustain families and ensure children go to bed with food in their stomachs
  • Providing heaters and fuel to get families through the cold winter ahead

Donate to Syria today and help to make a difference in the lives of the millions of people who may never return to their homes and communities again. Visit our Syria Emergency Appeal here for more information about the vital work that we are doing to help the refugees of Syria.



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