Volunteer Appreciation Month – Where they Work

7 th April, 2015

Where they Work

As part of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we believe it is important to inform our readers of how our volunteers operate, where they work, and how you can get involved yourself.

Our team of devoted volunteers provide support to developing communities in many different regions of the world, with some working on the ground whilst others carry out office work here in the UK. No matter what our volunteers get involved with though, we think it’s important to show our appreciation for all titles in equal measure.

That is why over the next month we will be discussing the programme in a bit more detail, to show readers, and those who are interested in joining, just how much they do and how they make an impact.

Today, we will be looking at just three regions our volunteers direct their efforts towards and work on the ground in.


From clean water to the cricket academy, established in 2011, the work Islamic Help volunteers have carried out in Bangladesh gives orphans access to lessons in Maths and English and provides cricket coaching to those less fortunate. On top of education prospects, the team have also ensured stable surroundings for children living on the streets, and orphans alike.


In this particular region of the world, islamichelp.org.uk have worked hard to establish stable villages for residents, following an acute natural disaster. Though an on-going project, the expansion of this community and plans for the future speak for themselves. Not only will the villages consist of essentials like a library to support communities on an educational level, but they will also have plenty of facilities that we take for granted. These will make a huge difference and, of course, this was all made possible by the help and support of our volunteers.


Focusing on improving livelihoods and home to the unique eco-village, the work Islamic Help’s team is carrying out in Tanzania is designed to empower the community, as well as support it in a variety of ways. The location itself houses facilities like the eco mosque, a sports ground, a community and training centre, and much more. With a balance of ecological and economic development, our team will continue to support the communities in Tanzania.

These are just three regions where our volunteers donate their time, and just a small insight into the work that’s already been carried out in these areas. Of course, there are many more regions that our volunteers are working in; see our website for more details



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