Umrah for Orphans

Umrah for Orphans

24 th November, 2016

Count yourself amongst the fortunate


The journey to  Mecca is one that many take in their lifetime, and is one to be treasured. While some of these journeys are obligatory, there is one that is not: Umrah. This is the name given to a non-mandatory but blessed journey taken to Mecca. There are many benefits of performing Umrah. For example, it is known to cleanse one’s soul for past committed sins, and can also protect you from poverty and misfortune.


At certain times of the year, Umrah is seen as even more blessed than others. For example, the reward of performing Umrah during the blessed month of Ramadan is equal to that of performing hajj with the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Another absolutely breath-taking virtue of Umrah is that if one passes away during the journey, the reward for them is Jannah.


Islamic Help launches a special programme

Islamic Help works hard to care for more than 800 orphans living in the Middle East. In addition to providing for their daily needs – such as food, water, education, welfare and medical care – we have launched a special sponsorship programme, which allows you to sponsor a Palestinian orphan and send them to Mecca to perform Umrah.

Without our help, these orphans may never have made this blessed journey. 


 The Experience

 The 2015 journey was an emotional experience for the first group of orphans to make the trip from Jordan to Mecca. For many, it was also their first time travelling to another country.

 As the youngsters entered the haram shareef and performed tawaf around the Kaaba, they described a renewal of strength and faith, and a sense of excitement and awe. The group was escorted by Islamic Help staff, who also took them to pray in Masjidun Nabi, in the holy city of Medina.

For many of the guardians and remaining family, seeing these children under their care complete this journey to the heart of Islam in 2015 and 2016 was a dream come true. For these individuals, who struggle every day, thinking of such an experience was akin to imagining the impossible. With your help, Islamic Help made it so, and we hope to continue this in the future.


 How you can sponsor an orphan’s Umrah

 If you want to be a part of the reason behind the excitement and awe of many more Palestinian orphans, then you can sponsor a Palestinian orphan for Umrah today by selecting one of four options.  Sponsorship is available in a number of different ways; single or monthly donation, annual subscription (standard), annual subscription (+ air). Learn more about donating to this cause here. 


 Sadaqah Jariyah

 What’s more, the sponsorship of someone’s Umrah is also a form of Sadaqah Jariyah. This virtuous act brings continuous benefit, both to you and the ones performing the Umrah.

With so many benefits for all involved, helping to support orphans with this blessed journey is a gift that keeps on giving.



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