Trees for Change: The Motive and Means to Make A Difference

14 th May, 2015

Deforestation is a massive problem around the world, and it is one that has a detrimental and long-lasting effect. Trees have been around far longer than any of us today, yet we cut them down for our own selfish purposes, without so much as a second thought. In their natural state, trees are a vital aspect of the planet’s eco-system.
As well as providing habitats for the world’s wildlife, trees also clean the air, turning toxic carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, and they even impact the weather; the very presence of trees can increase rainfall, providing life to regions in desperate need of water.
For us, trees also provide food and medicine, as well as shelter and fuel. But whilst we may rely on the world’s forests for these essentials, the danger lies in how we take them for granted. Using just enough trees as is necessary to feed and shelter a community is fine, as long as those trees are replaced and replanted. Clearing an entire forest for over-priced, luxurious furniture that has no other use than to look flashy and boost the owners’ status? Not cool.
That is why has launched the Trees for Change campaign, along with our #TreeTuesdays initiative.
Our Trees for Change campaign is all about conservation and reforestation. The idea started with just a few saplings being planted around the children’s eco-village in Tanzania, as a way to improve the natural surroundings and teach residents about sustainability.
Now it is one of Islamic Help’s best and brightest campaigns, transforming the space with more than 30,000 trees. Another 2000 are planned for the eco village in Mukuranga, and many more besides, with your help!
Just £5 is all that is required to plant and nurture a new tree, but the long term benefits far outweigh any initial costs.
Trees really are fundamental to life on Earth, and as much effort as we put into helping people through humanitarian aid, we need to put just as much into eco fundraising and rebuilding the natural world, and its precious eco-systems.
Still not convinced planting a tree could change the world? Check out the pro-tree quotes from some of history’s most influential and prominent figures.

  • He who plants a tree plants hope – Lucy Larcom (American Poet)
  • Storms make trees take deeper roots – Dolly Parton (Country Singer)
  • From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow – Aeschylus (Greek Tragedian)
  • Trees outstrip most people in the extent and depth of their work for the public good – Sara Ebenreck (American Forests)
  • He plants trees to benefit another generation – Caecilius Statius (Roman Poet)

And if these nuggets of wisdom didn’t get you itching to plant trees and repopulate the world’s forests, you will find plenty more motivation by browsing our website or getting in touch with us about our Trees for Change campaign.
Of course, if you’re ready to make the world a better, greener, more sustainable place, you should get in touch too!



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