The Obligation of New Life

Environmental concerns have increased in recent years but the importance of maintaining our planet’s delicate eco-systems has been an essential aspect of Islam, as evidenced by numerous Hadith and mentions in the Qur’an. Trees are an essential component of our existence as a species. They literally give us life by releasing oxygen. Trees for Change not only helps our environment but fulfils an obligation of our faith by bringing new life to our planet.

The Benefits of Trees

Your support helps us to offset some of the severe effects of deforestation that are impacting the lives of impoverished and vulnerable communities. Supporting and educating them on how to utilise their surrounding environment and natural resources to provide for themselves goes further than any aid or relief. Planting trees helps agriculture and water supplies; prevents flooding and soil erosion; and provide fruits, materials and medicine.

A Sustainable Future

Trees for Change is part of our long term environmental strategy which started by planting tens of thousands of trees and saplings, and creating a plant nursery, at our Children’s Eco Village in Tanzania. These are providing fruit and vegetable harvests for vulnerable families who now also have another means of livelihood, and establishing a life-changing legacy of sustainability. Other countries to benefit from Trees for Change are Bangladesh and Jordan.