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Trees for Change

Do your part in promoting a clean environment. Join our Trees for Change campaign today!

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There is huge emphasis in today’s world regarding clean energy and being environmentally conscious. However, most people don’t know that Islam has been preaching this concept from a very early stage through the Quran and Hadith. Islam teaches us to not waste or plunder and rather care, conserve and enrich the planet. These teachings were a key reason behind Islamic Help’s drive to improve the lives of people living in remote and desolate regions of the world.

Providing relief aid to the remote communities is undoubtedly very helpful. Teaching them how to utilise their surrounding environment and natural resources to provide for themselves goes further than any aid or relief. The Trees for Change campaign was designed specifically to achieve these goals in order to make day-to-day life easier, less stressful and more productive.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In that sense, they serve as a way of sustaining life. The presence of trees positively impacts the process of transpiration, thus resulting in much needed rain in the region for drinking and harvesting purposes. They can help prevent flooding and curb soil erosion. Most importantly, trees provide an ecosystem in which wildlife can survive and prosper naturally.

With that in mind, our Islamic Help volunteers and workers started planting trees in and around the Children’s Eco Village in order to provide the locals with an independent tree nursery, and to teach them how to conserve the environment to their advantage.

Trees for Change Today

Today, the visual results of the project are a testament to its success. More than 30,000 trees have been planted at the Eco Village in Tanzania. Over 68,000 saplings of different species have been raised; all of this is down to the efforts of the Trees for Change project. It is all about sustaining life and creating a natural balance.

Climate change is more than just a fancy term. It is an ever-present reality; one that can have severe effects in areas like East Africa where damage to agriculture and water supplies could be devastating and way beyond our imaginations. The Trees for Change project is Islamic Help’s long term strategy to address environmental issues and create awareness. We have already started reforestation efforts in the Eco village in Mukuranga, where over 2,000 plants will be planted.

£50 for 10 Saplings | £100 for 20 Saplings | £250 for 50 Saplings |  £500 for 100 Saplings | £1000 for for 200 Saplings

Join our #TreeTuesdays campaign on iHelp Give

Overuse and destruction of this rich natural resource threatens the fragile balance which allows life to flourish. The World Resources Institute estimates that only about a fifth of the world's original forest cover remains "intact" and while forests today cover more than a quarter of the world's total land area, they are being rapidly destroyed for agriculture, mining and urbanisation.

In Tanzania, deforestation is proceeding at an estimated average annual rate of 0.5%, lower than many other African countries but still substantial in relation to the resources available in Tanzania and with potentially devastating consequences. It is why Islamic Help has dedicated itself to redressing some of the imbalance through our Trees for Change programme.

Eco Village

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