The Rohingya Community Need Your Help

5 th December, 2017

The Rohingya people have suffered through years of uncertainty due to ongoing unrest in their homeland – and the matter of where this homeland lies is still a huge part of the conflict they are facing. These vulnerable people have been subjected to unlawful abuse and violence, forced to flee their homes and families through no fault of their own. To help these refugees in their time of need, Islamic Help has launched a Rohingya Emergency Appeal.

We need your assistance to ensure we can help the men, women and children – families just like yours and ours – survive the persecution they are facing. How did this happen? Upwards of a million Rohingya people lived in the Rakhine state on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Almost half of these people have been displaced from their homes and denied citizenship. The civil unrest has led to untold violence and death, with those surviving facing an uncertain future with limited to no rights or access to human necessities.

In recent months, the Myanmar authorities and government sought to crack down on the Rohingya Muslims – and denied them of humanitarian aid. As such, the number of people seeking refuge in nearby Bangladeshhas increased at an alarming rate.

How We Are Helping

We are on the ground delivering aid as part of our Rohingya emergency campaign to the refugees that have managed to make it into Bangladesh. Thanks to generous donations from you, we are able to provide clean water, food, shelter and much-needed medicine to those in need.

Donating to our Rohingya Emergency Appeal

Any amount you donate will help us to deliver essential aid to those on the ground.

For as little as £30, we can provide a family with a food pack that will last for at least two weeks, with the contents including Chana dhal, beans, potatoes, sugar, spices, oil, water and pots to cook in.

For just £100, we can provide a family with an emergency survival pack complete with a food pack, crockery, cutlery, utensils and tools for cooking, as well as essential hygiene kits. What’s more, we also provide water purification tablets and essentials for young children.

For a £150 donation, we can provide a shelter tent pack for a family of six people to live in securely, along with mattresses and bedding – providing invaluable security during their moment of need.

With your help, we can aid tens of thousands of people in a matter of days, but with the level of refugees rising each and every day, there are still many more that need our help.

The Rohingya community has been forced to leave their homes through no fault of their own, and are relying on our aid and your generosity.

Keep reading for more information on the crisis as it stands today, or to donate, please click here.



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