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26 th September, 2017

Losing a parent is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, especially a child, so losing both can leave a child with very little optimism in life. There are many orphaned children across the globe, living in extreme poverty, constantly battling danger and struggling to survive.

Like any other child, an orphan has dreams and aspirations in life but at the same time, nobody to look up to, to help them achieve this. Without being able to lean on parents or guardians for support, orphans can find themselves with no choice but to sacrifice their childhood and adopt a level of responsibility purely in a bid to survive.

Without a sponsor, an orphan can face countless issues on a daily basis. Some of these are mentioned below:

No Security

Without parents, orphans can find themselves with very little, or often, no means to live. This deprives them of even the most basic necessities that no child should have to suffer without, such as food, clothing and shelter; forcing them to live a life of poverty on the streets.

Health Issues

Due to such poor living conditions, along with a constant lack of nourishment and sanitation, orphans can be left vulnerable to life-threating diseases and conditions.

Psychological Damage

Losing your parents at a young age can have an adverse effect on your character. Without sufficient guidance or counselling, these children become prone to depression, mental disorders and many other personality disorders as a result.


Education is essential for any individual to flourish and move forward in society. However, these orphaned children lose out on getting an education, which further slims their chances of eradicating poverty from their lives or being able to shape a better future for themselves. This can leave them vulnerable in society and open to dangerous and risky situations such as bribery and child labour.  

Nevertheless, regardless of all that they have lost, one of the things many of these orphans do hold on to is hope, and that’s where Islamic Help comes in.  

Sponsor an Orphan Today

You can make a difference and ensure these orphans get the quality life that every child deserves; providing them with basic necessities such as shelter, warm clothing, food and water; medical and emotional support and the opportunity to go to school, to learn things and develop their minds.

Helping a child comes with great reward; with your support and generosity, Islamic Help can reach out to more orphans in need and put an end to their constant struggle and hardship.

Together, we can give them back the childhood they deserve.

For more information, give a member of our team a call on 020 3504 7336 or click here to donate online.