Sponsoring a Child is the Greatest Reward of All

15 th December, 2016

Bring that hope

 Imagine that euphoric feeling in knowing that by sponsoring a childyou have brought real hope into a child’s life; that child in need of food, that child in need of quenching its thirst, that child in need of clean sanitation and shelter, and most of all, in desperate need of love and hope.

This is undoubtedly the sad reality for children around the world, especially children in war-torn countries where these basic necessities are a world away.

Our world full of materialistic temptation

In this day and age, there is constant materialistic temptation surrounding our children, which is why they want the latest pair of trainers, the latest gadget or the latest toy. As a result, they end up taking the basic needs of a human for granted.

When sponsoring a child, you not only help create that crucial path out of poverty for them, but you are making a connection between your generous heart and a child in desperate need; this is indeed the beauty of humanity.

The Gift of Giving

Child sponsorship can bring you the ultimate happiness and greatest satisfaction. It can also allow you to teach your offspring what a great reward the gift of giving is.

Making a gateway in your children’s minds will hopefully, in return, create generations that will carry on giving.

Every child you sponsor will grow up to be part of our society, part of our world. Each child will contribute individually to their country’s growth, and hopefully work to eradicate any future poverty.

Your sponsorship can help a child to stand tall and free from poverty. You can help them strive for a better future. These children are longing for someone to love and sponsor them, and you can be the encouragement they need to excel in life and build a better brighter future for themselves.

Your ongoing support can allow Islamic Help to provide adequate shelter, routine check-ups and health care. It can also help us provide physiological support for children who have been victims of war disasters, helping them develop mentally and physically with extra-curricular activities, alongside educating these children to become leaders in their communities.

Transform lives and Sponsor a Child

In making this change, you can impact generations to come and seeing children’s lives transform, you will indeed become part of a solution, knowing that you can make a real difference in the lives of these children in need.

You can be the reason behind that smile, that hope, and that love again.

Always remember: children are our future.



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