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Ramadan: Empty Your Stomach and Feed Your Soul

8 th May, 2018

The auspicious month of Ramadan not only brings an increase of blessings and rewards but also tends to deliver an abundance of unity and compassion amongst communities.

Many Muslims choose to eat together during suhoor and iftaar times, pray in congregation and visit the Mosque together with family and friends. The one thing every single believer will have in common is their love for Allah SWT.

During this blessed month, not only has our Lord given us the benefit of countless rewards, but He has instructed His believers to accomplish the things He loves the most, such as giving to charity, caring for one another, disciplining oneself, observing humility and encouraging communal harmony.  

A key element of Ramadan is the fourth obligatory pillar of Islam – sawm, otherwise known as fasting. This encourages Muslims to purify their minds and stomachs and steer away from greediness and love for worldly possessions. Whilst doing this, it also serves as a reminder of those who are less fortunate than us and have no other option but to fast all day, every day – even outside of the month of Ramadan. This leads and reminds us to have compassion for others.

Donate a Food Pack this Ramadan

Just £50 can go a very long way this Ramadan; it can feed an entire family, support communal iftars and contribute towards Eid gifts for children, too.

The reward for feeding a fasting person in the month of Ramadan is remarkable; the rewards for giving to charity are referenced numerous times within the Holy Qur’an.

“He who feeds a fasting person will have the same reward as his (the fasting person), without any reward being diminished from the fasting person”

–        Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Imagine being the reason behind changing someone’s life for the better – during Ramadan or not? It gives great satisfaction to be able to help others. Be it by way of a monetary contribution or volunteering your time, a little can most certainly go a very long way. Although many hardships of those less fortunate are highlighted during the month of Ramadan, sadly, it remains a fact that millions of people in need battle with hunger every single day and not just during this auspicious month alone. Let Ramadan be our starting point for our intent to continue to support those who desperately need our help.

So, donate a food pack and join Islamic Help in its mission to feed the fasting this Ramadan. May Allah SWT fulfill all your legitimate wishes and may you be greatly rewarded in the Hereafter. Ameen.

For more information on Ramadan donations with Islamic Help, click here. Alternatively, feel free to give our team a call on 012 1446 5682 today.

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