Productive Things to Do During Ramadan – Part 2

23 rd May, 2017

During such a highly prestigious time of the Islamic year, there are many things we can do – and teach our offspring to do – in order to benefit from the numerous rewards in this month. What’s more, we can also adapt this focus and motivation into our daily lives beyond the completion of Ramadan 2017.

Avoid Bad Language and Any Acts of Evil

Ramadan teaches us to retrain ourselves to be the most humble and true versions of ourselves. Not only does fasting allow us to abstain from eating and drinking, it also gives us the opportunity to purify our existence. This includes refraining from any negative acts, foul language, backbiting, hurting others, listening to or witnessing wrong acts – which in effect means that not only is the mouth fasting, the ears, eyes, mind, and entire body are also fasting. This helps us to reach a pure state during Ramadan.

Sponsor a Child

Amongst many other rewards, the act of sponsoring an orphan or child is a form of sadaqah jaariyah, a type of ongoing charity that many continue with all year round. This simple and kind act could be the difference in a child’s life to ensure they have a bright future, a chance at education and an opportunity to flourish and achieve their dreams.

Make Plenty of Duas, for Yourself and for Others

It is said that during the month of Ramadan, the doors of Hell are closed, the doors of Heaven opened and Shaitaan (the devil) is locked away to prevent him from leading believers astray. Utilise the month of Ramadan this year by asking Allah SWT for all your wishes to be granted, be it for this world or the Hereafter; be it for yourself or for others.

Volunteer Your Time

Contributions in the form of money are not the only form of giving and helping, donating your time is also a way of giving to others. Register your interest with a local charity and volunteer your time to help those in need this Ramadan.

Fundraising for Ramadan 2017

Ramadan is a great time to start up local community fundraisers and organise events and campaigns in aid of charity. Not only this, it is a great way to get children and the whole community involved too – all while doing something for a good cause. The act of giving and doing something for others can bring a massive sense of self-fulfilment and happiness in this month and beyond.

So, ensure you are making the most of utilising this auspicious month to its maximum potential and setting an example for the way we should be leading our lives.

For more information on how to get involved this Ramadan, contact the team at Islamic Help on 012 1446 5682.



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