The Importance of Helping Others

22 nd November, 2016

In today’s world, many of us assume that items of material value will be enough to make us happy and content throughout life. What we don’t seem to realise is that the happiness from acquiring these possessions is just temporary, so we must seek out what makes us truly happy from elsewhere.

This short-lived high that we get from such purchasing or acquiring insignificant items will eventually drive us to greed, which is a feeling that can never be sated. Those who seek out possessions will be looking to get their short-term high again and again

So, we ask the question: where can we find real happiness?

No matter who we are – regardless of age, race, religion or creed – we have all been created by Allah SWT with a heart, with emotions and with feelings. These feelings change according to how we choose to live our life, and how we accustom ourselves to the world around us.

One thing that comes naturally to those in touch with their emotions is empathy; empathy for others, and empathy for humanity in general. When we have empathy, we know exactly how we can make a difference to the lives of others around us. This is where real happiness can be found. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself.

Helping someone in need is the answer to true happiness, and to self-satisfaction.

Just knowing that Allah SWT has chosen you and put you in the advantageous position of being able to help those less fortunate than you is a privilege in itself.

If we truly love our Creator, then we automatically love His creations; which, includes each and every person. The wealth and means that we have at our disposal to help others with were never really ours; they were loaned to us in this world by Allah SWT to see what we could do with them. Are you ready to prove your worth?

Helping others doesn’t just consist of donating to charities such as Islamic Help, it includes physically helping people, volunteering your time, making someone smile, greeting someone, and helping to relieve someone in their moment of need – and much more besides!

Allah SWT promises us that he who rescues others in a time of difficulty, Allah SWT will rescue him in his time of difficulty; both in this life and the Hereafter.

So, let us reflect on what we have in comparison to others, as opposed to what we don’t have forourselves. If we help one another, then why would Allah SWT not help us in return?

It is important to have this faith in our Creator, because no matter what; Allah SWT provides. What’s more, with Allah SWT looking over us, why would we be left wanting for anything?

For more information on how to help others in their time of need, contact Islamic Help today on 020 3582 8404, or visit our website here.



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