Overcoming a Fear of Giving with World Food Day

16 th October, 2018

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? That someone could be afraid of giving. But so many people put undue pressure on themselves when trying to decide the “right” amount to donate or the “best way” to volunteer. Often, these well-meaning but unnecessarily overwhelmed individuals end up doing nothing at all for fear of doing the “wrong” thing – even though there is no ‘wrong’ when it comes to doing the right thing and helping people.

Imagine if everyone who has generously donated to our refugee appeal had decided that the amount they could offer was too small to make a difference. If one person thinks that way, it is a shame, but if all of those donors had thought that way there would be families out there still hungry, sick, tired and scared.

This mindset and fear is also compounded when people are so worried about what they can’t offer that they rely on others to give instead. If we all do that, who is left to give?

Now, we know first-hand how amazing it feels to give and help others, and we’ve seen the incredible impact even the smallest act of kindness can have. That is why we have put together the below list of three ways you can overcome your fear of giving, starting with World Food Day on the 16th October.

1. Take the “half a loaf is better than no bread” approach

Instead of worrying about how many mouths you can’t feed, focus on the ability you have to feed one or two or five. If twenty people can donate one meal, that could mean 20 refugees with hot healthy food in their stomachs, nourishing them and providing the hope they need to keep going through the next trial they face. We all want to give the loaf, but for those in need, a slice means more than you realise. Be practical and push forward.

2. Trust that you are here to make a difference in your own way

We all have a purpose on this earth and all of us have the means and the duty to help others in whatever way we can. Equally, we are all different and unique, and how one person helps a cause may not be the way you were created to help that same cause. If you prefer or are better able to do than donate, then why not coordinate food drives for local shelters or refugee appeals? Maybe you can spare a few hours a week to cook meals for the homeless in your city? Do what you can to make a difference.

3. Remember that you are not alone

When saving the world feels like an unscalable mountain, remember that you are not alone in your mission. There are local groups set up to organise initiatives to feed the homeless, or if you are thinking further afield, you have charities like Islamic Help on hand to help make your donation go further and get to the right people. We have years of experience working in some of the most inaccessible regions in the world, helping the underprivileged and displaced find comfort in the care they receive by way of good hearts and kind donations. So, if you’re worried about going it alone, let us help you.

If you are passionate about helping others and you want to have a positive impact on the world, to see others happy, healthy and hunger-free, you will be driven to make a difference. But even then, it can feel like a mammoth task with so many in need all over the world. By taking small steps and helping where you can, whether with one meal for a single refugee or fundraising enough to help an appeal feed a small camp, you will make all the difference this World Food Day and beyond. Be brave.



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