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Part of our charity work encompasses local aid relief and community service in the United Kingdom. Islamic Help is making use of many opportunities, and is also looking for new ways to contribute even further to the well being of local communities. Islamic Help is aware of this and is always on the lookout for ways to help. Below is a quick snippet of some of our UK based projects.

UK Food Aid

Providing for elderly and vulnerable residents is a great way to serve the local community. Islamic Help has been on the forefront of such projects. We do this through our UK Food Aid campaign. Just last year, we were in the Birmingham suburb spreading smiles. We provided food packs containing non-perishable essentials as part of a combined annual initiative by Islamic Help as well as the Balsall Heath forum. Over 250 packs containing everyday essentials were distributed to residents. This included tea, sugar, cereal, and chocolate. All in all, it was a great to show people they have not been forgotten.

 Assisting the Homeless 

Assisting the homeless involves providing them with sufficient food, warm clothes for the winter and even shelter in some cases. The number of people suffering from malnutrition in the United Kingdom was 3 million in 2009. Realising the seriousness of the situation, Islamic Help has been working diligently towards assisting the homeless.

Cleanup Projects

We are constantly searching for opportunities to help and support individuals and communities. Often, the solution to a problem is not a financial donation but a donation of time. Islamic Help volunteers conduct clean-up jobs amongst many other things. We get involved with the community on a much more personal level.


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