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Join us on the United We Stand Tour

8th May, 2015

This May, Islamic Help are hosting an exciting event for all those looking to enjoy a brilliant night out whilst continuing to support those in need. It’s our United We Stand Tour!
Running from 22nd – 31st May, this tour will feature a handful of sensational artists, including YouTube and comedy’s very own, Zaid Ali!
This isn’t to forget Saif Adam, a huge name in Islamic music, and Preacher Moss; the host who will make the night one you will never forget.
As for venues, the tour will be held in Glasgow, Bradford, Manchester, Bolton, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Luton, London and Slough (in that order). Exact dates can be found on our website, and we look forward to seeing you at one of these venues!
In all of this anticipation though, we should be careful not to forget the cause this tour is supporting.
The appeal, known as ‘Birth’, is all about providing for refugee Syrian mothers and babies; supporting them throughout pregnancy, and following the birth. This campaign ensures that both mother and baby are safe during birth and that they are supported with hygiene provisions, food, clothing, and more afterwards.
Though Islamic Help has provided for Syrian mothers and babies in Jordan, we still need your help to see that both have a brighter future, and this event is just one of the ways you can show your support today! You can also donate to Syria or volunteer to do your part for this good cause.
So, for more information on the event itself and how you can help, please contact us today. Alternatively, see the rest of our site for upcoming events, details regarding volunteer work, and more.