How Sustainability can Change the World

How Sustainability can Change the World

6 th April, 2017


Looking after our planet and providing a sustainable future for our children is absolutely essential. After all, our children are the future, and if we don’t do our bit to guarantee their future now, we are putting the very livelihood of our planet at risk. Protecting the next generation should always be a priority – no matter where these children live or what their individual situation is, securing their future is the ultimate selfless act of charity.

One of the best ways to provide disadvantaged children with a brighter future is to sponsor a child. Sponsoring a child helps vulnerable children and orphans obtain the necessary means to survive and create a more positive future – a future where these children can become valuable members of society.

However, there are also other methods through which you can sponsor a child.

With every passing year, there is increased reliance being placed on clean energy and the importance of eco-friendliness around the world. Sustainability is the ultimate way of living an environmentally-conscious life, and for those less fortunate than ourselves, it can also provide the means to change their lives for the better.

Sponsor a Child’s Future

Islamic Help’s Eco Village in Tanzania is the perfect example of how sustainability can have a truly positive impact on the lives of young people in need. The Eco Village itself is a self-sustaining community set up to facilitate the growth and development of vulnerable children and orphans.

One of the ways that the children’s Eco Village manages sustainability is by committing to planting trees in and around the community. Our Trees for Change project was set up to provide an independent tree nursery with the aim of teaching local people how important conserving the environment is while utilising available resources as efficiently as possible. So far, we have planted over 30,000 trees in the Eco Village and helped raise more than 68,000 saplings of various other species thanks to the campaign.

However, the importance of sustainability doesn’t stop there. The Trees for Change project is designed to create awareness, address environmental issues, and work towards creating a brighter future for the planet as part of a long-term plan. To do this, we need your help.

Trees for Change on World Health Day

And what better time to work towards helping the planet than World Health Day?

Although World Health Day, on April 7th, focuses primarily on the health of individuals, the health of the environment can be a massive contributing factor when it comes to personal health. Health should always be a key focus, and sustainability is the ideal way of ensuring a safe, natural environment.

Are you committed to sustainability? Donate to the Trees for Change campaign and help us work towards a more sustainable future. 



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