Five Good Reasons to Give with Islamic Help

14 th September, 2017

As the International Day of Charity fell on the 5th September this year – shortly after Qurbani and Eid-ul-Adha celebrations, it is more important than ever to remember why we give to charity and the benefits in doing so.

Whether you choose to donate to local fundraisers or national; sponsor a child or help the elderly, there are guaranteed benefits in every aspect of giving  – and here are five reasons why.

Giving Makes You Feel Good

It is a well-known fact that giving to others makes you feel good about yourself. That feeling of self-satisfaction that comes from being in a privileged enough position to be able to help someone else and change their life is an endlessly gratifying one. Nothing comes close to that feeling of fulfilment you get from changing someone’s life for the better.

The More You Give, the More You Shall Receive

“Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah SWT by night and by day, secretly and publicly, will receive their reward from their Lord; and they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve”.

–            The Holy Qur’an (2:274)

In Islam, generosity is greatly loved by Allah SWT and those who give to help others shall receive infinite reward from their Lord – be it in this life or the Hereafter. A little really does go an extremely long way.

Giving is Contagious

Giving to others sparks recognition in those around you to help, too. Showing compassion to others brings back that belief in others that you really can make a difference and sets an example to those around you – as well as your children, too.  Raising awareness to the concept of helping others can create a pleasant snowballing effect.

Makes You Feel Grateful

When you hear about others around the world that have no access to even the most basic of essentials such as water and sanitation or food and shelter, it makes you  incredibly thankful for what you have been given by Allah SWT, along with the realisation that we have a duty to help others with what we have been given. It reminds us how easy it is for us to be able to help someone suffering from such tremendous hardship.

Giving is Good for Your Health

Yes, really. Volunteering your time and helping others is a great way to build consistent relationships with other like-minded people who all share one common goal with you; serving others selflessly. Being around people who share the same goals can help you focus and inspire others to do the same. Being in a group can also help you to combine all your key skills and utilise your individual strengths to the best of your ability.

So there you have it; five good reasons to help others today. Let’s join forces and prove altruism still exists; let’s raise funds towards a world emergency, sponsor a child or provide water for those who have no access to it and take that first small step in making a massive difference today.

Get involved with Islamic Help; visit our website or call our friendly team on 020 3883 6520 today.  



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