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Volunteer with Islamic Help

20th March, 2015

Volunteer work is a year-round activity at Islamic Help. With so many aid campaigns actively running, there is a growing need to have enough assistance and support. This is where volunteers come in. Their involvement plays a vital part in ensuring a successful event or in helping an aid campaign reach its goals. Volunteers can get involved in a number of activities that directly impact campaigns.

Fundraising dinners, campaign awareness events, extra-curricular activities to get the community involved; these are all examples that require staff and personnel on the ground to ensure a successful event. For this reason, a good way to get the right amount of support is through volunteer work.

Islamic Help has been heavily involved in aid work for many years. We have an active presence in many countries, and one of the reasons we are so successful is because we run a volunteer programme with individuals donating their time and efforts to help raise funds for campaigns, or to participate in relief efforts.

As well as this aspect of voluntary work, we have a flagship programme, Mission Possible; a volunteer-based initiative that makes the impossible, possible. Its biggest feature; volunteers get to travel to Africa to assist the local community in whatever way they can, and to distribute the aid they have raised through their fundraising efforts.

Bringing out the best

People looking for volunteer work are never disappointed when they contact Islamic Help. There are many opportunities to get involved; some may require the volunteer to fly out with the Islamic Help team to some of the most affected regions of the planet to assist and counsel those affected by disaster or tragedy. Some assist by helping to accumulate financial donations or through creating campaign awareness and much more.

Teaming up with like-minded individuals brings out the best in them. They get to have lots of fun too in the form of hosting sponsored events such as walks, charity dinners and numerous other group activities. Their hard work pays off in the form of personal satisfaction, when they see the results of their effort for themselves. That feeling is indescribable.

Mission Possible

Here’s how it works: Following successful completion of individual assessments, volunteers at Islamic Help can join the Mission Possible programme. They start off with aiming to hit their fundraising target through events such as organising charity dinners, overseeing street collections or hosting a fun group activity, such as mountain climbing. The primary objective here is to create awareness among the public and raise funds in the process.

The overseas placement is usually no longer than ten days, so it is a relatively short time away from home. Volunteers gain invaluable experience on their trip and come back home with great stories and experiences. It is the complete humanitarian experience – from fundraising to distributing aid and, crucially, making decisions that affect their lives and those of the beneficiaries.

You too can get involved with Islamic Help’s volunteer campaign. Do your part to show your support for a good cause. See for yourself the difference you can make to other people’s lives.