Islamic Help

Emergency Aid To 140k Rohingya Refugees

29 th October, 2017

Islamic Help and its partners and supporters have provided essential and life-saving aid to more than 140,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh in the space of just six weeks. Since the launch of our Rohingya emergency appeal in September, thousands of individual donors and dozens of mosques and other organisations have responded to help one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

Their support has provided emergency food packs, medical camps, hygiene packs, tents and shelter kits, and water tankers in and around Cox’s Bazar and other camps in southern Bangladesh, which has been bearing the brunt of the latest influx of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

The crisis was sparked by a government crackdown on dissidents in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and in just over a month 500,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh which is now home to one million Rohingya refugees. 

From some of the refugee camps near the border, smoke plumes can be seen in neighbouring Myanmar, a grim reminder to Rohingya communities of their villages being razed to the ground. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have arrived in Bangladesh with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.

During the last week of September, our emergency appeal allowed us to carry out a series of distributions which provided food packs, family survival packs and shelter kits for the benefit of more than 28,000 refugees.

The food packs have been designed to last a family of 5 for at least 2 weeks, while the survival packs contain hygiene kits and baby milk among other items.

The shelter kits have allowed refugee families to erect tents and sleep on mattresses rather than the rocky or muddy ground.

In the four weeks since October 1st, the Islamic Help team in Bangladesh – with support from UK staff who joined them on the ground – and its partners have provided:

  • Nearly 8,300 food packs for 41,500 beneficiaries
  • Cooked meals for 4,280 children
  • Hygiene kits for 3,900 women
  • Shelters for 224 families (1,120 individuals)
  • A water tanker has been distributing 20,000 litres of clean water for drinking and domestic use every day. Based on 4 litres per person, that is the equivalent of 50,000 people over 10 days
  • A static medical camp since 15th October which has been seeing 1,000 patients daily (10 days = 10,000)
  • A mobile medical camp since the 20th October which is treating 90 patients daily (10 days = 900)
  • 100 solar panel kits for 500 beneficiaries to provide lighting in their tents
  • In addition, projects have also been launched to provide 250 hand pumps for clean water; 150 toilets, showers and washrooms.

We would like to thank our partners for their tremendous support and collaboration during this period. They include, among others, Blackburn UK Trust, GER, Al Manar, the Naz Family, Drop of Compassion, Gifting Humanity and partners from Malawi.

Islamic Help also extends its many, many thanks to the thousands of other donors and supporters who have allowed us to help the Rohingya so far. We plan to continue that work for as long as we possibly can but we, and most importantly the refugees we are serving, rely on your support.

We have been providing aid and assistance to Rohingya communities in Myanmar and refugees in Bangladesh for several years and are committed to continuing that work. You can find out more about the Rohingya crisis here and keep up with our regular updates, including photos and videos from the refugee camps and distribution points, on our social media channels.

Please continue your support for Rohingya refugees. With many having nothing left in this world, they are relying on your generosity to help them survive. Find out more and donate today here or call us on 0121 446 5682.