Islamic Help

Emergency Aid Delivered To Trapped Syrians in Madaya

24 th March, 2016

Islamic Help has delivered emergency aid to more than 100 starving children and their families in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya.

Food packs consisting of essential items and desperately needed infant milk were delivered by Islamic Help’s relief partner in Syria, Beyaz Eller (White Hands), as part of the programme.

Madaya has been besieged since 2012 by opposing forces in the civil war, leaving an estimated 30,000 trapped. Dozens have died from starvation and there have been reports of people resorting to eating leaves and grasses to survive. Some have killed and eaten their pets.

Where families have been able to secure food on the black market, they have been forced to pay astronomical prices. A kilo of rice or lentils or sugar is reported to cost $250 (approx. £170) or more.

Negotiations have led to temporary ceasefires allowing aid agencies to carry out brief deliveries of emergency aid but thousands of individuals continue to face a bitter struggle for survival.

With even the once-wealthy inhabitants of Madaya unable to afford food, it has led to severe hunger especially among poorer families and consequently under-nourishment which threatens the development and lives of babies and infants.

The food packs distributed by Islamic Help consisted of rice, sugar, lentils, beans, flour, vegetable oil and canned beans. The items were chosen to provide protein, hydrocarbons and sugars to help combat under-nourishment.

A dozen families received food packs for the benefit of 112 individuals, and 28kg of infant milk was provided for 112 children at risk of malnutrition. The beneficiaries were identified as the most vulnerable and selected through discussions with local relief forces and health agencies.

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