Dos and Don'ts of Ramadan

Do’s and Dont’s of Ramadan

26 th April, 2018

During the spiritual month of Ramadan, aside from our obligatory duties as Muslims, there are many other things we can do to increase our rewards significantly as well as helping the month along with ease – for ourselves and others.

Do: Volunteer Your Time

There are many charities – local or otherwise – that need your help and support to raise awareness, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan. Currently, there are millions of civilians displaced from their homes, seeking refuge in nearby countries and struggling to get access to even the most basic essentials. Not only this, but there are thousands of people on our very own doorstep who are suffering from homelessness and seeking help.

Don’t: Overindulge

As we become accustomed to fasting during the month of Ramadan, it is important to ensure we look after our bodies and remain balanced. Developing cravings over the course of the fasting day is natural and we should remember that overindulging during suhoor or iftar defeats the entire purpose of the fast in the first place.

Eat balanced portions and allow your body to digest and absorb what you are putting into it rather than shocking it with an overload of fried food as soon as iftar time hits. Opt for slow energy releasing sustenance that is high in nutrients and fibre, which will keep you going for longer – making the fast more comfortable in the process. It’s also beneficial to avoid sugary and fizzy drinks or drinks high in caffeine too, as these only serve to make you more thirsty – nothing is better than water to ensure your body stays hydrated for as long as possible. Always make sure there are dates on the table during suhoor and iftar time; they carry countless benefits and are incredibly healthy – especially for the digestive system.

Do: Encourage Unity

Gather friends, family and loved ones during suhoor, iftar and prayer times during this auspicious month. Eating together, praying together and visiting the Mosque together will only serve to strengthen your ties with those around you.

Don’t: Waste Precious Time

Dedicate sufficient time towards worship instead. The rewards in this Holy month alone, by far, exceed any other rewards during the Islamic year. Instead of engaging in worldly pleasures, ensure you dedicate as much time as you possibly can to worship, repent and pray to Allah SWT in order to attain taqwa (closeness to Allah SWT).

Do: Give to Charity

Ramadan is a month for giving to those in need; it is important to understand that our wealth is given to us by Allah SWT to share with those less fortunate and encourage equality. The rewards for giving in Islam are substantial enough but are even more significant during this blessed month.

There are many productive things we can do whilst observing the month of Ramadan. One of the most selfless and humbling things we can do during this month whilst we break our fast is to remember those who don’t have the luxury of sitting down to a meal.

BeOne with the hungry and donate a food pack this Ramadan with Islamic Help.



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