Don’t Make Excuses – Take Action!

15 th May, 2015

You might face some roadblocks on the way to becoming a more selfless, charitable, and giving person. Some of these obstacles will be due to circumstances beyond your control, but others will be of your making.

Even those of us with the very best of intentions can talk ourselves out of things with exceptional ease.

It could be that you’ve been planning a fundraising idea for months, but when you look outside and see it is stormy or you find that your Facebook page didn’t get as many likes as you wanted, or you realise 101 other excuses reasons not to go ahead with it, you don’t.

No matter how good you think your reasons are though, they are unlikely to be good enough. What might seem like a cast iron excuse when you’re trying to negotiate your way out of hard work, financial sacrifice and inconvenience will later prove to be feeble at best.

So below, we’ve listed a few of the common “reasons” people talk themselves out of volunteering and charitable donations – just so you know what to watch out for next time you’re wavering.

Charity starts at home, doesn’t it?

This grossly misused saying distorts the true meaning of charitable giving. Charity starts at home only because that’s where you are. You’re the one who wants and needs to make a difference, and that means making a difference starts at home.

It might be the moment you like our Facebook page, or it could be your enquiry about our volunteer opportunities – it could even be the Ramadan donations you and your family gift every year; all of these little moments will make the world of difference.

Be careful not to get so caught up in home life and everyday dramas that you lose sight of the bigger picture though. When you’re deciding whether or not to donate to a cause, steer clear of selfish thoughts and actions. Using excuses and ‘what ifs’, like what if you need your change for parking in town instead, will help no-one.

Similarly, you need to address your attitude if you think that all prior and future social engagements, including your EastEnders omnibus sessions, are more important than making time to help others.

Your schedule will always be packed, and it may seem like too much hassle to fit volunteer work around sports clubs and all your favourite shows. However, certain sacrifices need to be made in order to help those in need of aid and support as they tackle issues bigger than busy weekends and reruns.  

I can’t decide which charity is more deserving, and if I can’t give to all, then it’s not really fair for me to give to any.

Asking you to donate to every worthy cause out there is not a practical option. Equally, no-one can tell you who to offer your money and support to. Do you help the environment and its protectors? Do you give aid to humanitarian projects? Help build communities? Sponsor a child?

The possibilities are endless.

Islamic Help works in each of these areas, and more, offering aid and support of every kind to people all over the world. Donating to charity, be it financially or with your time, is a privilege and should be done with the intention of helping others. It doesn’t matter if you give £30 to one cause or £3 to ten; the point is you did something to make a difference.

Is my one contribution really going to make a difference?

So many people are of the impression that what they do won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Whether this is because they need instant gratification in terms of change and results or they just assume someone else will fix the problem, the attitude is the same, and it’s a dangerous one to have.

Imagine if everyone took the same stance and avoided doing their part in the hope that others will do it for them. Nothing would change, people would not get the aid they need, and the world would be a very selfish place.

When you donate your time or money, will keep you up to date on the difference you’re making. You can check out our media centre and our social pages, as well as interact with us and other supporters for updates and information. We are proud of the work we do, and we make a conscious effort to always keep you in the loop. 

Of course, these are just three of the excuses we use to avoid committing our time and offering our support to others. Even if it’s not done deliberately, it is an easy (and bad) habit to fall into. So next time you find yourself making any of the above arguments, or any other excuses for that matter, snap yourself out of it! Donate, volunteer, and do something today.



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