Do You Stand with Islamic Help?

8 th January, 2016

What do you think Islamic Help stands for?

I ntegrity – Believing in the simple, basic, human right of being treated with respect and dignity
Sponsoring an Orphan and reiterating the rewards and benefits of this
L atest & current world emergencies, helping wherever possible
A ctively trying to make a difference, with your support
Mission Possible – Volunteer deployments abroad, on the ground, to help those in need
I ntroducing iHelp Give – giving you the opportunity to fundraise actively and support campaigns individually
C onstantly introducing campaigns to help, alongside current world disasters

H uman rights, human dignity, hand pumps – Water and Sanitation Projects, Helping the Homeless Projects
Eco – Village, Education, empowerment of women, European Refugee Crisis Appeal, Emergency appeals
L ivelihood Projects, Sustainable Livelihood
P akistan Emergency Appeal, Palestine, Philippines Appeal, Pilgrimage (Umrah) for orphans

Islamic Help…

There is so much more Islamic Help stands for, but it only stands for something with your continuous support and dedication. Islamic Help aims to change the world in every which way it can – from the development of various projects and fundraisers to introducing devoted and specific campaigns to help with world disasters.  

Islamic Help firmly believes that every single individual has a basic right to dignity, to basics such as nourishment, health, education, shelter and emotional support.

The sad thing is that not everyone has these bare basics in life, which is why it is Islamic Help’s mission to overcome this, and it can only be achieved with the help of its followers.

During specific parts of the year, donations are made to events such as Ramadan and Qurbani, as well as during the cold winter months and when worldwide disasters and emergencies occur. Sadly, the fact that poverty exists elsewhere all year round remains.

With your help, this is changing; Islamic Help is on the ground with your support helping those in need of help.

One cannot even begin to imagine the virtues and reward for those who help others in today’s world. The today that so many of us get lost in is temporary and extremely short-lived, for our rewards will be formed in the Hereafter, where we shall need it the most.

Join Islamic Help today in its continuous mission to reaching those in need, eradicating poverty and inspiring some integrity in this world for those who clearly deserve it in the eyes of humanity.

Donate towards a good cause or volunteer your time today.



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