With resources, hospitals and medical facilities under severe strain, the population of Gaza finds itself facing further suffering and uncertainty as a legacy of conflict.

Please Help The People Of Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians were injured in the 50-day conflict of 2014 and a continuing legacy is the urgent need for medical care and other aid. Our office is responding now but we still need your help – please continue to donate to Gaza to help support our aid efforts. 

  • £70 – Family Food Pack
  • £100 – Towards Medical Aid
  • £250 – Towards Water
  • £480 – Sponsor A Palestinian Orphan

Gaza Emergency Appeal

Islamic Help launched an emergency appeal to provide essential supplies to the besieged citizens of Gaza, with ground teams and local agencies supplying medicines and medical aid, plus food and water.

Our emergency medical kits included dressings, painkillers, drips and equipment to treat conflict wounds and injuries, while the emergency survival kits were made up of living items like cooking equipment, blankets and sleeping bags.

What is Happening in Gaza?

Tensions between Israel and Gaza reached an all-time high back in July 2014, and Israel launched airstrikes and ground operations in a bid to take control of the Gaza Strip. There were almost two months of conflict which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of more than 2,100 Palestinians. Thousands more were wounded and tens of thousands were left without access to essential aid after Gaza was all but destroyed.

As a result of the conflict, essential aid such as hospitals and medical facilities were struggling to keep up with the demand on resources. This, in turn, led to a medical crisis. Due to the destruction caused, Gaza was severely lacking in essential drugs needed to tend to the injured and wounded citizens. With almost a third of all drugs and medicines missing and the remainder depleting rapidly, the Gaza Health Ministry appealed for assistance.

The Crisis Between Gaza and Israel

Although the initial conflict lasted for 50 days, the Israeli military action within the Gaza Strip merely prolonged the need for humanitarian aid. The death toll and number of injured individuals continued to rise long after the ceasefire came into place, forcing the UNRWA agency on the ground to declare an emergency across the Strip. It was reported that there was a $22 million deficit in terms of basic necessities to get through the atrocities.

Sadly, many charities in the West Bank were forced to close during the crisis, which only made things worse on the ground. This left many Palestinians without basic essentials during Ramadan.

By the end of August 2014, the true extent of the damage to life and country became much clearer. According to UN figures:

  • Deaths: 2,104 – including 495 children, 253 women and 200 elderly people – all innocent civilians
  • Injured and wounded: 10,224 – including 3,106 children, a third of which are left with a permanent disability
  • Over 500,000 Palestinians displaced during the conflict, which was approximately 28% of the population of Gaza. At least a fifth of those displaced remain so on a long-term basis because of severe damage to their homes
  • Nearly 18,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in the conflict
  • 244 schools damaged, including 25 which were destroyed leaving over half a million children unable to start school
  • 58 hospitals and clinics severely damaged
  • Large sections of core infrastructure in Gaza severely damaged

With such widespread damage, there are Palestinians still desperate for your help. Although the conflict was over four years ago, the military presence in Gaza has stifled any chance of the economy recovering and life in Gaza returning to normality. There is still a severe shortage of medicine and drugs for hospitals and medical facilities, inadequate care for those injured during the conflict and the country is rife with poverty. Poor sanitation and a lack of essentials such as electricity have left many hundreds of thousands without the basic necessities for life.

Please donate to Gaza today and help us deliver essential aid and medicine where it is needed most.

Basic Essentials – Water for Gaza

THANK YOU. Thanks to your generous donations, we hit our £300,000 Water for Gaza target and were able to provide a new desalination plant for Al Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital and medical centre in Gaza. This benefits 200,000 people every year, ranging from patients to relatives and staff, and provides safe, clean drinking water to the hospital.

With your help, we also hit our Gaza 100 Challenge. Together, we raised £100,000 to fund a new water plant at Wadi as Salqa, helping 9,000 people per day access clean water.

Together, we have achieved a lot, but there are still many thousands of people in Gaza who are suffering unnecessarily and are in need of your help. You can still donate to Gaza with Islamic Help and make a difference today.

  • £70 will buy a Family Food Pack
  • £100 goes towards essential Medical Aid
  • £250 goes towards clean, potable water
  • £480 will sponsor a Palestinian Orphan

From the team here at Islamic Help, a massive thank you to all of you for helping the people of Gaza.