An Educated Future

6 th September, 2018

In this day and age, so many of us look to invest in the future – even though it isn’t guaranteed – for various different reasons. Some of us like to ascertain security for our old age and retirement, some of us like to ascertain security and a future for our children, and some of us like to be well prepared for any eventuality – just in case.

Investing in the future isn’t always about stashing away money in case of a rainy day; it is also about gaining knowledge – be it around your religious beliefs or obtaining a generic education. Amongst many attributes, knowledge is power, which is why the majority of us wish for our children to get good grades at school to enable them to acquire a university degree followed by a well-paid job – setting them up for their own future.

But what about those children who have no means or way of getting an education? What about those parents who wish they could send their children to school but have no financial means of doing so? What about those children who have lost their parents and are left to find their own way in the world, without even so much as a helping hand or a head start?

The Rewards of Sponsoring a Child

This is where child sponsorship with Islamic Help comes in.

Sponsoring a child is not just about providing a child with a meal and warm clothing; it contributes greatly to a child’s personal and mental development, along with their education. Not only will it lead to better future prospects for a child, but it will also benefit their family and eventually the entire community as a whole.

Sponsoring a child with Islamic Help this International Literacy Day on 8th September will not only ensure a child’s educational, emotional and social development today, but will also go a long way towards securing some hope and investing in their future – along with the future of their community.

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