Tomorrow’s Child

10 th July, 2018

So many of us forget that we are living on borrowed time, in a borrowed house, with borrowed props and borrowed people in a borrowed world…

Absolutely nothing that we have or ascertain in this material world is ours, except for the deeds that we accumulate and take back with us. We come with nothing and every single one of us leaves with absolutely nothing. This is a very important fact to remember in life – whether we are experiencing all-time highs or lows – everything is just temporary. Everything that happens to us in our lifetime here on earth is a valuable lesson and test from our Creator and all bad things that happen to us will eventually transpire for our betterment.

Not everyone sees this simple fact of life in Islam, though, do they?

Have you ever wondered why Allah SWT created a significant part of humanity with far less and the rest with more than enough to spare? Does this mean that He loves a particular part of His creation any less? No! What we, as brothers and sisters, fail to see is that those who are less fortunate than us are a test for us and so many of us seem to be failing this important test day after day.

We often fail to open our eyes to the many endless opportunities we have been given to help others in our lifetime. As a Muslim, we are obligated to follow the five key Pillars of Islam, which include the giving of zakat, but how many of us generously give to those in need out of sheer humanity?

Change the Future – Sponsor a Child

In this life, many of us tend to worry about what (and who) we are leaving behind as opposed to what we are taking with us, so perhaps it’s time to sit back and think about how we can do both.

By sponsoring a child, you can ensure that those you love are left in capable hands – the children of today are pioneers of the future. Think of it as a way of sadaqah jaariyah for you and a way of changing others lives for the better – helping children and giving them the essential education they need. Hope for the future ensures that you are leaving your offspring in capable hands along with benefitting yourself in the Hereafter.

After all, it won’t be our wallets that will be coming with us, right?

Sponsor a child today with Islamic Help and help to ensure education is a common right amongst the children of tomorrow. See here for more information or give our team a call on 0121 446 5682.



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