Islamic Help

Aid deliveries to Nepal Earthquake Victims

15 th May, 2015

Thousands of people left devastated by the Nepal earthquake have received emergency aid from Islamic Help’s donors.

Essential supplies including food and shelter kits have been distributed to more than 8,000 beneficiaries in two major programmes in the fortnight since the earthquake.

At least 8,000 were killed and there are fears the toll could rise to more than 10,000 following the earthquake, which measured 7.8 magnitude, on 25th April 2015. More than 19,000 people were injured and 8 million – nearly a third of Nepal’s population – was affected.

As well as a series of aftershocks, a second major earthquake measuring 7.3M struck on May 12, resulting in more than 125 deaths.

Islamic Help is part of a coalition of Muslim charities which delivered emergency aid in the immediate aftermath of April’s disaster. By 9th May, the coalition effort – which includes Al Khair Foundation, Baitulmaal, United Muslim Relief and IMR (Imaana Medical Relief) – had delivered emergency food and essential aid to 8,000 beneficiaries.

We are also working in partnership with The Mountain Trust, a UK-based NGO which has field officers on the ground in Nepal.
In our first distribution with TMT, we delivered emergency food parcels (price £25) plus shelter/NFI (non-food items) to the most vulnerable 75 households in Sourpani village in Gorkha, benefiting a total of 406 people.

The shelter/NFI kits are priced at £50 and include tents, blankets, plastic sheeting, basic medicines, water purification kits, clothes, utensils and buckets.

In the second distribution with (TMT, food aid was delivered to 67 families in Bhalai Danda. During this distribution foodstuffs given to the families included rice (total 1,340kg); lentils (1,200kg); cooking oil (67 litres); potatoes (670kg); salt (67kg) and soybean (67kg).

As well as the food and emergency aid, Islamic Help and TMT have embarked on a project supplying construction materials to families to help them erect semi-permanent shelter as protection during the impending monsoon season. Read about this project here.

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