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Emergency homes for Nepal's homeless

15th May, 2015

Islamic Help has launched a major programme to provide semi-permanent housing for families whose homes were destroyed in the Nepal earthquake.

Working with The Mountain Trust (TMT), we are supplying building materials to villagers in the Gorkha District so they can construct robust shelter in advance of the impending monsoon season.

More than 8,000 deaths have been confirmed and there are fears the toll could rise to over 10,000 following the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015. A second major earthquake, measuring 7.3M, on May 12 resulted in more than 125 deaths.

Islamic Help is working with TMT in Gorkha district, one of the worst affected areas.

Villagers are in desperate need of food, water, healthcare and especially emergency shelter. Many are sleeping in makeshift tents that provide little protection and no facilities. Fears for their welfare have increased as the monsoon season, which starts in June, approaches.

As well as distributing food and other essentials, we have launched a programme to provide at least 100 families with the materials to construct semi-permanent homes.

The materials have been purchased locally and a pilot project involving the first 10 houses launched in the village of Bhalai Danda for the Chepang people, who are the most vulnerable and most affected.

Each family is being given materials including:

  • 12 corrugated metal (tin) sheets, each 12ft long
  • Cement 15 packs
  • Toilet pan
  • Gas pipe and wastage passing pipe for toilet 
  • Rods 
  • Bed cloths (quilt, pillow, mattress, mosquito net etc.)
  • Minor utensils

Each home will cost £300 and provide essential shelter from the elements especially during the monsoons.

You can make a real difference to the people of Nepal by donating £300 for an emergency home. Donate here.