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Health Matters

6th April, 2016

This year, 7th April marks World Health Day - a day to raise global awareness of health issues and to demonstrate the importance of good health for all.

The day, sponsored by the World Health Organisation (WHO) was officially designated in 1948 when the first World Health Assembly was held, and the very first official World Health Day took effect on 7th April 1950 - to be marked on this day every year, going forward.

Every year, the WHO aims to bring focus and attention to specific health issues around the world. This year’s campaign is concentrating on the issue of Diabetes. Various organisations around the world take it upon themselves to arrange local activities to demonstrate their support of this day. In the same way, Islamic Help has launched many projects and campaigns to bring your attention to those who are unable to help themselves, to promote a healthier living for them.

There are, of course, many areas concerning health to be addressed in a bid to raise global awareness, particularly drawing your attention to those who aren’t in a position to be able to do anything for their health without any aid.

Here, we look at just a brief overview of some of the campaigns Islamic Help has been involved in; campaigns which you have consistently supported and raised awareness of, in a bid to promote a healthier, happier world.

Syria Crisis
With the ongoing conflict in Syria now in its sixth year, it is quite difficult to envision the sheer amount of remaining civilians left fighting for their lives, seeking nutrition and shelter. With the aid of Islamic Help and its supporters, urgent help can be provided to continue in delivering much-needed assistance to those left without sufficient nutrition, shelter, healthcare and medical aid.

Water for Gaza
The 2014 attack launched on Gaza was just the beginning of almost two months of conflict, resulting in thousands of Palestinians being killed and many thousands more being left injured and in need of urgent medical aid.

The attack resulted in the majority of Gaza - including over 18,000 homes - being left destroyed or severely damaged. Amongst the many deaths, injuries and destroyed homes and schools, many hospitals also suffered extensively. In a direct response to this crisis, an emergency appeal was launched by Islamic Help to help and provide support to the residents of Gaza. We sent teams and volunteers in on the ground to supply food, water and medical aid to those in need following the attacks.

In addition to this, the water plant in Wadi As Salqa was destroyed in the conflict, leaving many civilians without a sufficient clean water supply. Islamic Help launched the Gaza 100 Challenge, which saw its supporters helping to raise £100,000 of funding to construct a replacement water plant. Thanks to our many supporters, the plant was fully funded, constructed and operational by mid-summer 2015.

Additional campaigns to improve the infrastructure of Gaza were then launched by Islamic Help, such as the Water for Gaza appeal, which saw its generous supporters unite together and help raise the target of £300,000 to fund and build a water purification plant for the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The work for this development is currently in progress.

European Refugee Crisis
As a result of the Syrian conflict, many millions of civilians have been displaced and have been consequently left to seek their own way to shelter and safety in many parts of Europe. Sadly, many hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed as they embark upon this dangerous journey in a desperate search for safety.
Islamic Help has delivered aid in Lesvos, supporting the residents by providing food, shelter and medical assistance to arriving refugees.

Your support is needed to enable Islamic Help to continue in its bid to help and support the many thousands of people seeking refuge in Europe. Your help can help in providing anything from a hot meal to sufficient, warm clothing; your generosity will, Insha’Allah (God willing), go a very long way. See here, for more details on how to donate.

So, in recognition of World Health Day 2016, let’s all come together and do our bit to ensure the unceasing issues concerning health are globally highlighted and addressed. If you would like to support Islamic Help in its many campaigns such as the Syria crisis or the Donate to Gaza appeal; contact us on 0121 446 5682 and speak to our friendly team today.